Google Chrome OS ported to the Apple iPad

We’ve seen hackers install Google Android on the iPhone, so it it any surprise that someone decided to cram Google’s upcoming Chrome Operating System onto an iPad?

That’s exactly what one hacker named Hexxeh has done. Hexxeh is probably best known as one of the first people to compile early builds of Google Chrome OS from source and make them available to the public for download. Now he’s tweaked the Chrome OS code to play nicely with the Apple iPad’s hardware.

Or at least somewhat nicely. On Twitter, Hexxeh suggests that there are “a few catches,” which might make the current build less than useful. But still… it’s Chrome OS* on an iPad!

*OK, actually, it’s Chromium which is the open source development build.

via Netbook News

  • Lukinmyeyes

    why in the world would you install google chrome OS which is yet unstable over the such a beautiful apple iOS 4…. what a crap idea..

    • Applekiller

      What, you think Apple is good?
      Apple is evil.

  • Blah

    Because you can. crackhead

  • ThePhwner

    Any proof this is legit and not just a remote session into another machine?