Dell reportedly launching 7 inch tablet soon, 10 inch model next year

It’s no surprise that Dell is working on an entire range of tablet computers to compliment the recently released Dell Streak 5 inch tablet/smartphone. CEO Michael Dell showed off a 7 inch model last week. Now The Wall Street Journal reports that the 7 inch model could be available in the next few weeks, with a 10 inch tablet due out on the next 6 to 12 months.

The announcement is attributed to Dell’s president for Greater China, so it’s not entirely clear whether the tablets will launch worldwide or just in China at those times. While Dell is based in the US, the company did launch the Dell Aero smartphone first in China, and the Dell Streak hit Europe before the States.

Like the Dell Streak, the 7 inch tablet will run Google Android, but Dell also plans to offer new Windows devices. At this point it’s not clear whether Dell’s 10 inch tablet will run Android, Windows, or another operating system.

  • Michaelpaul

    I think a category that will sure be a winner would be a 11.6 incher like the Onkyo.

    Dell’s slow response to coming out with a 10 incher is a disgrace. If companies like Archos and many others can do so, it is an utter disgrace for Dell to take such a long time to launch their 10 incher.

  • geep

    I am thinking that if you don`t have something on the store shelf next month to compete with the 10″/- iPad sized tablet you might as well not bother…Holiday shopping is right around the corner…if you can make a decently priced/spec`d iPad competitor and get it into the big box stores the customers will come running…Archos are you listening!!!!