Acer Aspire One AOD256 netbook with HD video support

Acer is reportedly working on a minor update to the Aspire One AOD255 netbook. According to Macles, the main difference between the AOD255 and the upcoming Acer Aspire One AOD256 will be the inclusion of a Quartics QV1271 media co-processor in the latter model.

The Quartics card will go in a mini-PCIe slot, and is designed to support 1080p HD video playback as well as real-time conversion of 2D to 3D video.

Just a few days ago, Netbook News spotted evidence that Acer was adding driver support for the Quartics media co-processor to two of its netbooks. Now it looks like Acer may be thinking of giving netbooks with the media card an entirely new model number.

  • Paul

    I’d like to see reviews of how good their real time video enhancement is. Seems interesting.

  • James Young

    sounds like it has more features than the crystal hd. but it remains to be seen if the drivers will be available for linux like the crystal hd is

  • Anonymous

    Seems it’ll out perform the Broadcom Crystal HD but there is no mention of support for Flash 10.1 and there is also a question of how much power the card will use. Not to mention the 2D to 3D may not work unless you have a screen capable of using that feature. So may not be an obvious choice between them…

    There is also the possibility that we may only be able to get this pre-installed and thus won’t be an option for everyone.