Google Chrome OS netbooks due out before year’s end?

Google Chrome OS is an operating system designed around a web browser — perfect for people who take the word “netbook” literally and really just want a device that can connect to the internet to run web apps, surf web pages, and access web media. Google has been saying for a while that the OS would be available to hardware makers this fall, but I always kind of figured that meant we wouldn’t see actual devices shipping with Chrome OS until early next year. It usually takes a little while for PC makers to incorporate new hardware or software into their devices.

But speaking at a recent event, Google CEO Eric Schmidt said that Chrome OS-based netbooks would be available “this year.”

Chrome OS can run on devices with Intel or ARM-based processors. While Chrome OS tablets are definitely a possibility, Google is targeting the operating system at netbooks with physical keyboards. But like Google Android, the Chrome OS source code is expected to be open source and free to license, which means we’ll probably see some hardware makers trying to use it in other ways.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see Chrome OS running on tablets, television sets, or other devices — although I really am starting to wonder if Google needs two separate operating systems. Android has a Webkit-based browser, can run many web apps, and has the ability to run native code as well which makes it a heck of a lot more useful if you’re in a location where you can’t get internet access.

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  • Brad Linder

    Sure, Google TV is designed for televisions… and Android for phones and Chrome OS for netbooks. My point is that Google can't actually control how hardware makers are going to use the operating systems since it doesn't control the hardware.

  • The Configurator

    I'd be surprised to see it running on television sets, since there's Android TVs ( )

  • Guest

    “Android is a bet on the past. Chrome is a bet on the future.”
    Microsoft Chief Software Architect Ray Ozzie


    It's interesting to see how things will turn up. We just need to wait and see how customers react to the cloud based OS.

  • Totalmassretain

    googley folks have said that they anticipate android and chrome will eventually merge. I would think going forward google would want to use browser-based things (read: chrome) where they can and dalvik (android) for anything html5 isn't ready for yet (which isn't very much, as far as what you need on a phone or tablet)