Google Android 2.2 shoehorned onto the Archos 5 internet tablet

The Archos 5 Internet Tablet is a handheld device with a 5 inch display, some pretty decent media player software, and oh yeah, the ability to surf the web and run Google Android apps. But it ships with Google Android 1.6, which is starting to feel a bit dated. So what’s a hacker to do?

Yeah, that’s a silly question. Archos Fans forum member andoreas has been hard at work porting Android 2.2 to the mobile device. His latest build even supports OpenGL.

Right now it’s just a proof of concept that’s a bit rough around the edges. But you can check out a video after the break showing the Archos 5 running Android 2.2 Froyo. You’ll need an WebM-capable browser to see the video.

via OpenAOS and GadgetMix

  • Anonymous

    not just html5 capable, but webm capable.

  • A5IT

    That’s nice. Hopefully it’s successful and the bar isn’t set all that high in terms of stability. With the current 2.0.28 firmware, it still crashes more often than I’d like.

  • Michael d. hargrove

    Wonderful! Please keep working on this project.
    It’s very sad that the techs, marketing staff and share holders are allowing the Archos 5 tablet to die a slow death. It is a great tablet and beats Dell’s copy (clone) of the device by a mile.
    Come on Archos, upgrade the android OS! There are a lot of fans out here and we reward device loyalty.

  • Guest

    It probably crashes less often than Archos’ own firmware.