Swiftpoint launches a tiny mouse for your tiny notebook

Ever notice how a normal sized mouse looks absolutely enormous when you set it down next to a 10 inch or smaller netbook? That’s one of the reasons I’ve been using a tiny travel mouse for the past few years — that plus it takes up less space. But the problem with an itty bitty travel mouse is that it’s a bit harder to grip than a full sized model. Swiftpoint’s latest travel mouse has a fix for that.

The company’s new Swiftpoint mouse is a wireless mouse that features a pen-like grip.

You can dock the mouse on the side of your computer with a USB connector, which also charges the mouse. Swiftpoint says that just connecting it for 30 seconds gives the battery enough energy to power the mouse for up to an hour.

It’s nice to see someone try to shakeup the portable input device space. It would be nice if that shakeup also included a reasonable price though. The Swiftpoint mouse sells for $69.95.

via Engadget

  • http://home.comcast.net/~tomleem/ BigGoofyGuy

    I agree that is a great device but would be better if it was at a lower price. Perhaps if it used an AAA battery, the price would be lower? I usea small mouse that is corded since it was low in price.

  • Claudio

    Interesting, but just watching the video and watching the people use the device made my wrists hurt. Personally, I'd much rather use the trackpad than end up with clawhands from using such a device.

  • YAWYE69

    used to use a Targus notebook mouse with retractable cord, was nice for short stints on the computer, but would make my hand cramp up. This little thing brings back you bad feelings. Now I use a Microsoft 5000 Bluetooth mouse with my new netbook. I love it, especially because no cords or dongle. Buy if you don't have BT you could always get one of those micro BT dongles.