LaCie XtremKey USB flash drive is tougher than you

USB flash drives are generally pretty sturdy, since flash storage doesn’t rely on any moving parts. But the plastic or metal casing surrounding many cheap drives can break, bend, or melt — and that can damage the storage media or the USB connector. But LaCie’s new XtremKey USB flash drive is one that you probably don’t have to worry about.

LaCie claims that this little guy can deal with temperatures as high as 392 degrees Fahrenheit or as low as – 58 degrees. The company also says you can run it over with a 10-ton truck without causing any damage. Seriously.

LaCie has put together a video showing the flash drive standing up to all sorts of other abuse in a somewhat realistic environment. You can check it out after the break. And if you watch one video of a USB flash drive getting run over, frozen and boiled in water this week, this should be it.

The XtremKey comes in sizes between 8GB and 64GB and has a top read speed of 40MB/s and write speed of 30MB/s. It should hit the streets in August with a starting price of $49.99.

You can check out the video after the break.

via SlashGear

  • Guest

    Do they offer any hints about how long it has to boil before it is soup? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • beeza geeza

    But will it blend? ;o)

  • Ian M Perkins

    Nice. that MIGHT stand up to my kids

  • cappydog

    I want to know what piece of computer I can use under water that would need a waterproof usb drive??!!! HEHEH.. or what computer I can use standing in a fire pit without it melting before inserting the usb key. I must say though, it is cool.

  • Abc

    very about salt water?

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