How to install a Pixel Qi display (in an Acer netbook)

A few days ago Pixel Qi started shipping DIY kits allowing netbook users to add a 10.1 inch Pixel Qi 3Qi display to their mini-laptops. While the $275 price tag may seem a bit high, what you get for your money is a dual mode display that you can use outdoors just as easily as indoors. That’s because you can enable a low power, high contrast mode for use in direct sunlight. As an added bonus, the screen uses 80% less power in this mode.

There still aren’t any actual computers shipping with Pixel Qi displays, which means if you want one you’re going to have to pony up the cash for a DIY kit… but you’ll also end up voiding your netbook warranty if you open up the case, remove the old display and replace it with a new Pixel Qi display. So if you want to know what you’re in for before pulling out your credit card, you might want to check out the video after the break, courtesy of Make Magazine.

Basically, the 10 minute video shows how you remove the original screen from an Acer Aspire One laptop, and how you insert and connect the new display. If this all looks too difficult, then you should probably hold off on buying a Pixel Qi display for now and wait until you can actually buy a netbook or tablet with the screen preinstalled. It’ll probably be cheaper than buying an off-the-shelf netbook and a display anyway.

via Netbook News