Adobe Flash Player 10.1 now available for download

Adobe has released Flash Player 10.1 for Windows, Mac, and Linux. The company has been pushing out release candidates for the last few months, but now the Flash plugin is officially ready for prime time.

Among the biggest changes in Flash Player 10.1 are support for hardware acceleration for H.264 video content. That means if you’re using the Windows version of Flash 10.1, your computer’s graphics card may be able to do the heavy lifting when it comes to decoding Flash video. Unfortunately this doesn’t work with all graphics cards.

Intel GMA 950 and GMA 3150 graphics need not apply, but if you have a laptop with NVIDIA ION graphics or Broadcom Crystal HD video accelerator then you should be able to watch high definition Flash video. Most recent ATI and NVIDIA graphics cards should also work, as well as Intel GMA 4500MHD integrated graphics.

Flash Player 10.1 also supports private browsing in Firefox, Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer. Up until recently, if you visited a web site while using your browser’s private mode, the browser wouldn’t keep any cookies or other data — but Adobe Flash Player would. Now it doesn’t.

Flash Player 10.1 is available as a free download from Adobe.

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  • Brad Linder

    Unfortunately I don't have a netbook with a Broadcom HD video decoder around to test it. During the release candidate and beta phase, Flash Player 10.1 didn't play all that well with the Broadcom card, although it *did* support HD video acceleration on Windows with the NVIDIA ION chipset.

    Hopefully we'll start to see some real world results from users with the Broadcom card soon.

  • techno_techie

    I very strongly dislike the word SHOULD.

  • techno_techie

    Looking forward to those results. Someone needs to figure this H.264 content problem out. Being that netbooks can be target devices for content like that. Imagine the advertising revenue if it functioned properly. I don't want to shell out more cash for ION, especially when I don't want a display larger than 10.2 for the nb I want to carry around.

  • tsog

    No support for GMA 950 or GMA 3150? Well, that excludes like 90% of netbooks sold since the first EEE PC.

  • Richard

    Doesn't work on any of my computers: desktop (nVidia 9600GT), CULV laptop (Intel 4500MHD), EEEPCs (1000HE, 901 and 701). No difference in the ability to stream HD flash videos or in the CPU utilisation when streaming.

    Otherwise, great!! LOL

  • zhfac

    Did you update the gfx drivers for your CULV?


    Did you get a chance to test it on the Eee 701? Does it slow down the computer?

  • Richard

    Interestingly, I have now uninstalled the official release and re-installed beta 2. Beta 2 works perfectly and HD youtube, iplayer, etc are all hardware accelerated on the CULV. Great work Adobe! What happened between B2 and Release???

  • Richard

    And yes, drivers are up to date on all computers.

  • Jonathanr2010

    Anyone know if adobe flash player 10.1 is available for download on the toshiba folio 100..?

  • Www Ppradyum

    very bad software for your computer because of this software my computer get hanged

  • Michael de los Santos

    how could i download this..??

  • dontrenigin12

    why have thee abandoned yon tpad users,,,,

  • hasak

    I found Adobe Flash Player 10.1 in Internet if you have windows older than windows xp try this link is the last version for windows 2000 and others .

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