Verizon and Google working on a tablet

Not the Verizon/Google Tablet

The Apple iPad may be an AT&T exclusive in the US so far, but it looks like Verizon may have a plan to bring a tablet to market. The Wall Street Journal reports that the CEO of Verizon Wireless says the company is “working with Google” on a tablet.

But there are few details beyond that. It’s not at all clear whether Google would actually be involved in producing the tablet, or if Verizon is simply hoping to bring a tablet to market running Google’s Android or Chrome operating systems. My money’s kind of on the latter approach. The Wall Street Journal tired to get information on what company would actually manufacturer the tablet, but Verizon declined to comment.

via Business Insider

  • Abhishek

    Apple,Google,and Amazon which earlier used to compete in separate technology segments are now competing head to head with each other in Smartphones,Digital Ebooks,SAAS,Music Players etc. You can see the technology consolidation around five to ten major technology behemoths which are now straddling large parts of the the technology spectrum. Google is bringing its open source software to this Tablet Battle which it hopes will attract more developers while Apple brings it marketing strength and hardware/software integration which has made it a iconic success .While Google mostly hope to defends it “search” turf here , Apple is in it for both the hardware and software revs from the sale of these tablet devicies.Amazon which was flying high with Kindle will become an also-ran like Nokia has become in the smartphone segment.Read more at