HP Hurricane: WebOS tablet due out in Q3, 2010?

Palm Foleo

At this point it should be no surprise that HP is hoping to bring out a tablet based on Palm’s WebOS mobile operating system. HP practically said as much when the company announced its plans to purchase Palm for $1.2 billion. But now the folks at Examiner are reporting that HP is alread moving on the project, and that a tablet with the code name HP Hurricane is already in the works.

The tablet will reportedly hit the streets in the third quarter of 2010.

It’s not entirely clear at this point if HP is giving up on plans to launch a Windows 7 tablet called the HP Slate. We’ve heard reports indicating that the HP Slate is dead, and other reports indicating that it’s just on hold until the user experience can be refined. But there’s nothing keeping HP from launching both the Windows Slate and the WebOS Hurricane.

via PreCentral

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  • http://www.netbookfiles.com/ Netbookfiles.com

    I believe it would be tablets with a keyboard and not exactly like the HP slate.

  • http://home.comcast.net/~tomleem/ BigGoofyGuy

    I think it would be nice to have the Palm Foleo as a netbook running WebOS. I read that Palm was also working on a tablet pc running WebOS. I think WebOS would be great as a smart book os; IMO