Simplest way to light up your keyboard

A handful of fancy, high priced notebooks come with newfangled backlit keyboards that make it easy to type in a dark room. Cheap computers like netbooks typically don’t.

We’ve seen a couple of ways to add illumination to a netbook keyboard. You could hack an LED light into a space below the keyboard, or add a light to the top of your screen bezel and point it down toward the keyboard.

But it turns out there’s a much easier solution that doesn’t require taking your computer apart or poking holes in it. All you have to do is pick up some glow-in-the-dark stickers to place over your keys.

The folks at the MyDellMini forums have been giving these stickers a try, and while it sounds like some kits don’t have stickers for all the keys (such as Enter), and may require you to trim the sticker if you still want to see the extra Fn features, they do seem to help make the keyboard easier to see in the dark.

via GadgetMix

  • car

    I only buy portables with backlight keyboard, period.
    It's a basic need.

  • Astounding

    Or a thinklight.

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  • Jonathan

    I just use the little bumps on the home keys. …

  • Fiona-Ing Ngan


  • PC

    Or instead of paying $1500+ for a Macbook Pro, you could get one of the multitudes of PCs with backlit keyboards for under $1000, running a decent OS such as Windows 7.

  • owen teflon don

    so of all the things that r in-bult in the computer,why didnt they just put proper lighting to the computer keyboard?

  • Anonymous

    I need some ways to light up my keyboard.Thank you! 

  • Anonymous

    Wow, does it need my notebook supports this feature?