Asus shows off mockups of its Waveface computing concept

Asus hasn’t actually built any Waveface products yet. The company’s concept for devices that let you interact with the web on the go or at home while transfering data from one device to another seamlessly are still in the realm of concept-only, and may never actually see the light of day. But Asus is showing off a series of mockups showing what the Waveface devices could look like.

Above is a shot of the Waveface Light, a computer that can be used as a tablet or a laptop. Unlike today’s convertible tablets, you don’t swivel the screen down over the keyboard. Rather, you fold the tablet in the middle to turn it into a notebook. I presume you’d then use an on-screen virtual keyboard, but as you can see in the photos below, the laptop version of the Waveface Light appears to have a physical keyboard.

You can also find a mockup of the Waveface Ultra in the image gallery. It’s a wearable computer that you can slap around your wrist and wear like a watch. You can also flatten it in order to see more of the screen.