Samsung to surpass Asus in netbook shipments?

Asus may have been the first company to launch a consumer-oriented netbook, but Acer has been the market leader for much of the past two years. Still, Asus has been hanging on to second place and continues to innovate in the netbook space. But DigiTimes reports that Samsung is poised to surpass Asus in terms of the number of netbooks shipped in 2010.

The numbers aren’t precise, but apparently Asus expects to ship about 6 million Eee PC branded netbooks next year, while Samsung could ship around 7 or 8 million netbooks. The company has been busy introducing new models including the recently launched Samsung N130 and N140 Intel Atom N270-based netbooks, and the Samsung N510 with NVIDIA ION graphics. It also looks like Samsung is preparing a few new models which may be ready in time for CES.

Acer is expected to hold on to its lead by shipping about 12 million netbooks next year.

Of course, computers are just a small portion of Samsung’s overall business. The company also makes a wide range of electronics including televisions, set-top-boxes and mobile phones, while Acer is primarily a PC maker.

Asus, meanwhile is focusing its efforts more heavily on larger, higher powered notebooks in 2010.

  • lccurtis1

    Samsung has a really nice netbook line up, but why pay more for a device that does the exact same thing as the Acer Aspire D250? Also I must say I have not seen a netbook any slimmer than the D250 as of yet

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  • facebook-10706249

    Samsung's netbook lineup has been really nice, so far. I hope they keep up the excellent build quality next year.

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  • Michael

    Brad, this maybe true. In the UK for instance, Samsung netbooks are really famous. In Malaysia however, Asus and Acer netbooks rule the market. Samsung, which recently came into the market is gaining market share but is no where in comparison to Asus and Acer marketshare.

    In addition to that, Samsung is relatively new to the PC and notebook market, thus, people are more comfortable buying netbooks and notebooks from the old players.

  • tsraja

    Samsung Can't beat Asus in design. This netbook looks fit kits play box. Could there be a cute design other than Asus seashell nettop? check it confim. Samsung has failed in Laptop segment.. that ghost haunting them still.

  • Peter

    Dont underestimate Samsung. In every market that this company sets its foot in, in 4-5 years they become market leaders. Take a look at their track record and you'll see how. Mobile phones, televisions, appliances, semiconductors and the list goes on.


    As a long time NC10 user, I can tell you they make great quality netbooks. Not sure the larger models qualify as netbooks though.


    As a long time NC10 user, I can tell you they make great quality netbooks. Not sure the larger models qualify as netbooks though.