MSI launches Movie Station HD1000 video streaming box

MSI followed Asus into the netbook space. And now the company looks like it’s following Asus into another consumer electronics segment: media streaming devices. The new MSI Movie Station HD1000 looks an awful lot like the recently launched Asus O!Play line of HD video players… but better.

Like the O!Play, the Movie Station HD1000 plugs into your TV to let you play standard or high definition video in a variety of formats without a computer. You can stream videos from a hard drive or USB Flash drive using the 2 USB ports. You can also stream movies over a home network using an Ethernet connection.

The box can handle video resolutions up to 1080p. It weighs just 0.85 pounds and measures 6″ x 4.6″ x 1.1″. It has HDMI, component, RCA, and S/PDIF outputs and also comes with a remote control. All told, it looks slightly more versatile than the Asus O!Play. Unfortunately, the MSI Movie Station HD1000 is only expected to be available in Germany and a few other European countries where it will retail for about €99 or roughly $142 US.