Verizon, AT&T now offering 3G enabled Toshiba NB205

nb205 3gIt looks like we can add the Toshiba NB205 to the growing list of netbooks that are available from US wireless carriers. While neither Verizon nor AT&T list the NB205 on their web sites, jkOnTheRun reports that Best Buy sent out a flyer this weekend advertising that you can get the mini-laptop at a discount price when you sign up for a 2-year contract with either of those carrier (or Sprint, which doesn’t seem to have a netbook section on its web site).

The Toshiba NB205 typically runs about $399, but for some reason Best Buy is now selling the unsubsidized version of the netbook for $499.99 (probably to make the subsidies look better. For $299.99 you can get the laptop with an HSPA modem and an AT&T contract. $229.99 gets you the Verizon or Sprint version with an integrated EVDO modem.

Keep in mind, while you’re knocking $100 – $200 off the up front price, you will wind up committing to paying $40 to $60 per month for the next two years to get these deals. If you were planning on signing up for a 3G contract anyway, that’s no big deal. If you weren’t, then you’d better decide whether it’s worth paying nearly $1500 over the next 2 years to to save $100 today.

Of course, that 3G modem is probably worth about $100 too. But it wouldn’t be much use without the service plan.

This particular Toshiba NB205 model ships with Windows XP and not Windows 7.