Qualcomm shows first Smartbook, announces AT&T as carrier

lenovo smartbook

As expected, Qualcomm CEO Paul Jacobs unveiled the first Snapdragon-powered smartbook that will hit the US market today. The mini-laptop will be produced by Lenovo and sold by AT&T.

The Qualcomm Snapdragon platform bundles a low power ARM-based CPU with integrated wireless features and graphics with 720p HD video capabilities. The chipset will be available for smartphones as well as smartbooks, which blur the lines between phones and laptops by offering always-connected features and long battery life.

Jacobs briefly showed the device to investors in New York today, but it won’t officially launch until CES in January. I haven’t found a picture yet, but the Dow Jones Newsire reports that the Lenovo smartbook “looks much like a thin notebook,” while Smartbook Blog reports that it’s “thinner than a Palm Pre.”

There’s no word on how much the Lenovo smartbook will cost, or even if it will be available exclusively from AT&T. But it does sound like AT&T will be offering the device at a subsidized price to customers that sign up for 3G service contract.

Qualcomm also announced a new chipset that will support LTE 4G technology today.

Update: Tech Ticker Blog grabbed a fuzzy screengrab from the Qualcomm webcast. I’ve updated the image above.

Update 2: PC World adds that the device will have an HD capable display and a large battery, mostly for powering said display.