Dell provides custom Google Chrome OS image for Mini 10V users


Say what you will about Dell, but there’s no denying that this is one of the coolest things any OEM has done for enthusiasts in a long time.

Own a Dell Mini 10V? Wish you could give that early build of Google Chrome OS a try on your netbook? You’re in luck, because Dell’s Doug Anson and some friends have taken the time to hack in all the necessary hardware support you need – and provide a custom download.

You can download Google Chrome OS for the Dell Mini 10V right here. Before you click, be aware that this is almost 8GB of data – so you’ll need a USB flash drive of at least that capacity to use it.

Once downloaded, you’ll need to dump the image to your flash drive. If you happen to have a Linux box handy, the command to do so is dd if=ChromiumOS_Mini10v_Nov25.img of=/dev/sdb (assuming your drive mounts as /dev/sdb/).

Once it’s on the drive, simply plug it in to your Mini 10V and enjoy your Google Chrome preview!

Doug notes that wifi behaves a little strangely right now. You may have to wait five to ten minutes for Chrome OS to start seeing access points. Boot time, however, is as fast as you’ve seen in preview videos (about 12 seconds).

Want to play with it on the “official” hardware? Grab a Mini 10V at Amazon for $299.99!