Dell Mini 9 transformed into motion-sensitive tablet – Video

dell mini 9 accelerometer

People have been ripping apart netbooks and turning them into tablets by adding a touchscreen and removing or hiding the keyboard for almost as long as netbooks have been available. But MyDellMini forum member rock99rock may have put together the most exciting netbook tablet hack that I’ve seen to date.

That’s because not only did he convert his Dell Inspiron Mini 9 into an 8.9 inch touchscreen tablet running Windows 7 Home premium, but he also added a motion sensor which automatically rotates the screen when he shifts the tablet’s position.

In order to get everything working properly, you’d need to install a motion controller (such as the ActionXL Wired Motion Controller which you can pick up for about $20) and install and configure software that lets you auto-rotate the display by mapping the motion controls to the key combination that you would use to rotate the display manually.

Oh yeah, and you’ll also need to remove the keyboard, reverse the computer’s display and be willing to futz with the electronics. It probably goes without saying that this is all very warranty-voiding stuff.

You can check out a video of the touchscreen tablet in action after the break, or visit the MyDellMini forum for more details.

via GadgetMix