Windows 7 + Asus Eee PC 1008HA = improved battery life

Update: It looks like these results may have been inaccurate, or at least misleading. I’ve run several other tests that seem to indicate that Windows 7 actually hurts battery life on at least two netbook models, including the Eee PC 1008HA.

One nice feature in Windows 7 is that it gives users a bit more control over their power settings. But in some cases, even without tweaking your PC to adjust the CPU clock speed, shut down the hard drive, display, or other tweak other features Windows 7 may still help you squeeze more life out of some batteries — either that, or Asus decided to throw a higher capacity in the Windows 7 version of the Eee PC 1008HA. Either way, Chris Guthrie at Netbook Reviews decided to compare battery performance on a Windows XP version of the Eee PC 1008HA and a new model running Windows 7.

The result? The Windows 7 model ran for more than an hour longer. With the brightness set to full, WiFi and Bluetooth on, and the processor set to run at 1.75GHz, the computer ran for 6:07:30. The Windows XP version ran for just 5:03:18 under the same conditions.

Chris used Battery Eater Pro for his test. I’ve stopped using that particular test, since it taxes the CPU non-stop until the battery dies which doesn’t really provide a good picture of real world usage. In other words, it’s quite likely that you may be able to get another hour or two of battery life out of the new Eee PC 1008HA. I haven’t had time to test the battery on my review unit, but you can be sure I’ll be paying close attention to battery performance in light of Chris’s findings.

Update: I checked in with the folks at Asus, and they assure me that the battery hasn’t changed. So while it is possible that the results are due to the Windows XP model’s battery having run down a bit, Windows 7 may also be playing a significant role. I’ll test the battery on my demo unit this weekend and that should tell us a bit more since the Windows XP model I reviewed a few months back was also a barely used demo unit.

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  • tsog

    Did Chris account for battery wear on his xp 1008?
    It could have lowered battery life by quite a bit depending on age and wear level

  • MrPerfect

    Yeah, that's something to consider. You'd have to test both PCs with the same battery, just in case the XP machine's battery has been beat on for to long.

  • your uncle sergey

    “either that, or Asus decided to throw a higher capacity in the Windows 7 version of the Eee PC 1008HA”

    – Oh for fuck's sake, is it THAT hard to
    1) disconnect the battery
    2) read the battery capacity off the label
    3) KNOW instead of SPECULATING?

    BS non-news….

  • tsog

    obviously you haven't got a clue about the battery in 1008ha
    yeah try to disconnect the battery without having to remove the entire bottom of the netbook

  • Brad Linder

    Yes… yes it is. The Eee PC 1008HA is the only Asus netbook to feature a
    non-user replaceable battery.

  • netbookreviewsdotcom

    Hey tsog, yes I commented on my blog the other day about this. I have only used the 1008HA a small amount, but you're right I should have mentioned that in my initial test.

    In either case, I feel confident in saying that Windows 7 provides a better battery life when compared to a Windows XP powered netbook which let's be honest isn't that far out of the realm of possibilities right?

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  • Brad Linder

    Hey Chris,

    Which Battery Eater test did you use? I just gave it a try under Classic mode and only got 3 hours on a Windows 7 Eee PC 1008HA. That's almost an hour *less* than I got on the same netbook with Windows XP.

  • netbookreviewsdotcom

    I know it wasn't classic mode. I'll go back to my netbook and look over the settings I used again.

    Something I updated on my original post was that I am going to get a retail copy of Win 7 home premium and install it on the second partition of my Win XP powered 1008HA and redo the test. That way everything is the exact same.

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  • Someone

    shure… this the bigest lie that could be whrited :))

  • Someone

    shure… this the bigest lie that could be whrited :))

  • margie

    the battery is bigger than original? i buy a replacement asus eee pc battery from , long life last 6 hours but bigger than original