Eeebuntu 4.0 to drop Ubuntu for Debian

Eeebuntu is a custom Linux distribution based on Ubuntu that’s designed specifically for netbooks. It supports a the hardware found on most Asus Eee PC netbooks and a number of similar models from other companies, and it’s optimized for the Intel Atom processor and low resolution displays.

A few days ago one of the members of the Eeebuntu Linux development team threw up his hands in exasperation complaining that every time a new version of Ubuntu Linux came out, it broke compatibility with Eeebuntu. Now another member of the dev team has posted on the Eebuntu forum that the team has decided to move away from Ubuntu in its next release. Instead, Eeebuntu 4.0 will be based on Debian Unstable.

This means four things:

  1. The developers will have more control over the project and more flexibility in the applications and updates added to the project
  2. Instead of expecting new releases every 6 months or so, you should see releases when they’re ready (which could be either faster or slower than the current release cycle)
  3. The team plans to add support for desktops, not just netbooks
  4. The name “Eeebuntu” is going to start sounding a bit silly

The next version is scheduled for release in late December, but a lot can change between now and then. There will be beta versions available before that time though.

via Netbook Italia

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  • Claudio Miranda

    Maybe they can call it “Debeeean” or “Swirleee.” :-)

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  • Scott

    “Eeebuntu” is going to start sounding a bit silly…


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  • xeraen

    They should call it Eeebian! =D

  • Keith

    Actually, I think that they'll have to change it . I think the *buntu is trademarked or something. I vote for Debeeee, or Debeean

  • DougC3

    I like deeebian, pronunced “dee-bian” to distinguish it from “deh-bian” … now what to do with all these ubuntu books I've been accumlating. I guess they'd make pretty good doorstops.

    As my wife says, “the only thing we have to fear is change itself.” : ]

  • Bilal

    I second the Eeebian suggestion

  • turn_self_off

    as a current eeebuntu user, i am looking forward to this.

    as for the name, eeebian sounds good to me (as good as anything with 3 e at the start can sound that is).

  • Praxis

    I can see why the Eeebuntu team moved to Debian, Mepis did the same thing after having switched to Ubuntu for a couple of years. But to base the distro on Unstable seems bizarre. Sid is called unstable for a reason, being the developmental branch, it is in a constant state of flux (he says typing this on a Chaos sidux install from early 2007). That means it is constantly ramming big changes down the users throat, even when they aren't ready for prime time. It also means that if you update your system often (which is really the best way to track sid) you are downloading hundreds of GB a month. And with an under-powered netbook even installing those updates takes a very significant chunk of time (I know, I have sidux XFCE installed on my Acer One). I don't even think that basing the distro on testing would be a great solution for the same reasons (though I have limited experience with testing). A hybrid system based on stable with some stuff added from testing and sid would be more difficult to manage, but I think would provide a better end-user experience if done correctly.

  • HyRax

    Well, since they're going to have to change the name now, I'll just put out there that “Eeebian” sounds just as ludicrous… :)

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  • Garry

    The new name better be totally different than *buntu or xxEbian. Otherwise the name will need to be changed again each time the Dev team wants to change the base distro.

  • xeraen

    How about Eeenix, Eeenux, or Eeenu? =)

  • Litho

    I think they should drop the eee part altogether. Would appeal to folk who use other netbooks/systems.

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  • kgfowler

    Why not just call it Debeee?


  • miksuh

    If you want something like that then I suggedt Eeeli, based on my little nephew called Eeli 😀 “li” could then also mean linux :)

    hehe :)

  • miksuh

    suggedt = suggest

  • oblio

    Call it Exbuntu now…..:-) ? Or Eeedebian?

    There's the exact reason why Warren Woodford gave up on *buntu and returned to the Debian Base with Mepis 7.0, 8.0 and now the upcoming 8.5/9.0

  • oblio

    Call it Exbuntu now…..:-) ? Or Eeedebian?

    There's the exact reason why Warren Woodford gave up on *buntu and returned to the Debian Base with Mepis 7.0, 8.0 and now the upcoming 8.5/9.0