Intel Atom N470 to clock in at 1.83GHz

The Intel Atom N270 and N280 processors have been pretty much standard equipment for netbooks for the past year and a half or so. We’ve known Intel is working on a next generation update for the chipset for a while now, but now there’s a little more news about the company’s plans.

According to Fudzilla and Blogeee, Intel will launch both its AtomN450 and N470 chips during the first quarter of 2010. We’ve already heard a bit about the N450 chip, which will have a clock speed of 1.66GHz and use less energy by integrated graphics and memory control functions directly on a single chip. The Atom N470 will also be a single system-on-a-chip, but it will have a faster clock speed.

The Atom N470 will reportedly run at 1.83GHz and have a 667MHz FSB. It will also have an integrated graphics controller and hyperthreading support. The chip will have a TDP of 6.5 watts, which is significantly higher than the 2.5 watt TDP of the Atom N270. But the Atom N270 chip requires a separate graphics controller, which also sucks power. In other words, the Intel Atom N470 will likely run faster than the Atom N270 while using even less energy overall.