Nokia still working on an ARM-based smartbook?

nokia logoDid that rumored $799 price tag for the Nokia Booklet 3G turn you off? Well, first, it’s just a rumor at this point. And second, it looks like the Booklet might not be the only clamshell laptop-style device coming from Nokia. DigiTimes reports that the cellphone maker is working with Taiwanese netbook makers to produce a mini-laptop with an ARM-based processor that could launch in mid-2010.

There’s not much more information about the device, but if this is true, it’s likely that this machine would be significantly cheaper than the Booklet 3G. ARM-based devices use less power, run cheaper (or free) operating systems like Windows CE, Linux, or Nokia’s Maemo OS, and are generally cheaper to build. Other smartbook makers (that’s the word Qualcomm would like us all to use for ARM-based netbooks) are aiming to produce devices that can sell for $200 or less when you sign up for a 3G service plan.