DIY keyboard skins for the Asus Eee PC 100HE

eee pc 1000he paper keyboard skin

The Asus Eee PC 1000HE was the first Asus netbook to feature a chiclet-style keyboard with fairly large spaces between the keys. If the Eee PC Seashell series (including the 1008HA and 1005HA) are anything to go by, it looks like it may also be one of the last. But if you happen to have an Eee PC with a chiclet keyboard and want to dress it up a bit, EeeUser Forum member Cms has posted instructions for making  a printable keyboard skin.

The idea is based on the metal Eee PC 1000HE skins another member of the forum created a few months ago. Of course, a paper skin isn’t going to be as durable, but it’s much more flexible (both literally and figuratively). You can use any color you like or print a design. And if you decide you want something a bit sturdier, you can order a custom metal screen from eBay for $20 to $35.

via GottaBeMobile

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    Thanks for the review! This blog really helped me decide what skins to get, as I didn’t really like any of the skins, but was a little concerned about how the keyboard skins would look on an eee pc.