A closer look at the Samsung N310


This week Samsung launched several new netbooks, including the upcoming Samsung N310 which has the usual netbook specs but doesn’t look like any other mini-laptop I’ve seen to date. It has a screen that reminds me of the HP Mini or Dell Inspiron Mini 10 netbooks because it’s a single sheet of glass that stretches from edge to edge (although the display area is actually a bit smaller). And the keyboard looks a lot like the “chiclet”-style keyboard found on newer Asus Eee PC models. But the Samsung N310 also has a colorful rubberized casing that gives it a distinctive look.

The folks at Pocket Lint got a chance to take a closer look at the new Samsung netbook and they’ve posted a series of photos. It’s worth noting that the rubberized chassis isn’t ruggedized. The material probably won’t reflect fingerprints as much as some netbooks with glossy lids. But that rubber case isn’t going to protect the hard drive or screen from a fall any better than a typical plastic or metal laptop case.

The Samsung logo embossed across the back of the lid also seems a bit large and obnoxious. But the screen and keyboard do look quite nice.

The Samsung N310 should hit the streets in May. It looks like it will run about £399 in the UK and €499 elsewhere in Europe. No word on the US pricing yet.

  • pauli

    is that an air freshener, or a usb bug zapper?


    The rubberized exterior could work well for some and the edge to edge glass over the screen is nice. The glossy screen is not a good idea for a portable unit that will be used in a wide range of lighting and the huge embosed logo is just plain obnoxious. I like Samsung products but it is hard to like some of the choices they made on this unit.

  • Mithinco

    I am not liking the new rounded look and the huge logo on the lid. The keyboard and trackpad look good though.

  • Linc (MonkeykIng)

    What no love for Latex? 😉 No zipper mark fedishers? Nobody into spiked heeled theigh high boots…with a whip maybe? No bad.

    I actully liked the idea that it was rubbery, but not for the reasona baove. I couldn't tell for the early pictures so I was not talking aboiut taht but I was hoping it was rubber; yet I felt tey different look was nice. The N10 and N120 look the same, look great, but now Samsung has a counter part that looks different. The different look at least keeps things straight when we see the units on display, right?

    If this thing is less expensive, which it mayb not be with WiMAX, but if it is it would be a good student machine with the rubber and the snappy colors.

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  • Mikez

    Four tumbler combination cable lock.
    Or maybe a privacy force field generator for crowded cafes.

  • wyscj

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