Australian netbook with user requested specs coming soon

koganLast week, Ruslan Kogan, the head of Australia’s Kogan Technologies, announced that his company would be developing a netbook. But while he planned all along to use an Intel Atom CPU and a 10.1 inch display, Kogan took the unusual step of asking people to leave comments on his blog to help determine hte color, operating system, and other specs, including what software would come preloaded and how much RAM it should have.

The results? It looks like we’ll be getting a pretty standard mini-laptop with a 160GB hard drive, 1GB of RAM, and Linux. Windows will not be available as an option at launch. Unlike some mini-laptops, the Kogan netbook will have user upgradeable RAM, with the machine supporting up to 2GB.

Kogan says the machine will be produced in China, and he expects to begin taking orders for $529 to $539 AU (about $340 to $347 US) in just a few weeks.

via Engadget