CrunchEee: CrunchBang Linux for the Eee PC


CrunchBang Linux is a light weeight Linux distribution based on Ubuntu. It uses the light weight OpenBox window manager, which doesn’t use a ton of system resources, and which also doesn’t use up much screen real estate, making CrunchBang a decent choice for netbooks. And now there’s also a version specifically designed for the Eee PC, called CrunchEee.

The OS comes preloaded with Firefox, VLC, and not much else. If you want, or even lighter weight office apps like Abiword and Gnumeric, you’ll have to install them yourself. But this means that CrunchEee is very light on your hard drive, SSD, RAM, and other system resources.

The Eee PC version of CrunchBang also includes support for most Eee PC hardware, so you shouldn’t have any problems with your touchpad, dispplay, or wireless card. The Eee PC Fn key combinations for adjusting the screen brightness also work, although I didn’t have much luck controlling the volume on my Eee PC with the Fn keys.

Like most Ubuntu-based distributions, you can try CrunchEee without installing it by downloading the disc image and either booting from a USB CD drive or creating a bootable flash drive using Unetbootin.

Thanks Bennett!

  • Jeremie Wade

    If it wasn't for my Windows 7 beta, I'd be all over this. I've tried it out a couple different times on my Asus 1000HA with no problems. Love it!

    • Brad Linder

      You can install this on top of Win7 Beta and have a dual boot system.
      In fact, right now my Eee PC 1000H is triple booting Windows XP,
      Windows 7, and CrunchEee. More details to follow in a separate post.

  • Mikez

    I down loaded the “standard” edition, will give it a try today
    on any machine that will hold still for it. 😉

    The state of the Machine<->Human Interface needs a new direction.

  • Mikez

    Confirmed that linux-unetbootin-304 will create a bootable
    USB stick – even though not on the “supported list” –
    just follow the directions to pick the *.iso image file.

    Which means that the Windows version of unetbootin-304
    should do the same. 😉

    The “standard” edition has a “live” mode – which runs on
    at least an original Cloudbook.

    Brad – You want to start a forum thread on this? You found it.

  • Mikez

    Surprising how fast that boots – –
    Combine it with a machine specific kernel (no initRD) and it
    could be a “fast boot” contender. 😉

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  • kBang

    The version briefly reviewed here must be Crunchbang Lite, as the Full version has more apps included – including Abiword.

    • Brad Linder

      This is CrunchEee, which is a custom version for the Eee PC. It’s like
      CrunchBang Lite, but it has special support for the Asus Eee PC

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  • o00ogrfxo00o

    I'va tried it – and there is a lot of software preinstalled. It uses 1.80 GiB on the partition.
    Try “Alt+F2” and type openoffice … :-)

    You don't see it in the menu – but it's already installed. :-)

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  • David Russell

    I haven't had any luck getting the Fn volume adjustment to work (unsurprising since I've had CrunchEee installed for all of four hours :P), but you can at least open the volume mixer quickly with Home Key + V

  • Rick

    I installed this a couple of weeks ago on my eeepc 901 and LOVE it. It boots fast, includes many extras “out of the box” like Flash and the Eee Controls that let you toggle the track pad off (THANK YOU, THANK YOU). It's simple, fun, fast and productive…especially if you do most of your work in the cloud like I do.

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  • teddee

    I put CrunchBang on my eeepc. Best distro for eeepc yet imho.

  • teddee

    I put CrunchBang on my eeepc. Best distro for eeepc yet imho.