Apple sues Wired over Netbook Hackintosh video

chen-hackintoshUpdate: It looks like there’s no lawsuit, but Apple did contact Wired officials, and the publishers have removed the video.

bout a month ago Wired Magazine posted a tutorial for installing OS X on an MSI Wind netbook on their Gadget Lab site, complete with a video showing a Wind running a hacked version of Apple’s operating system. In the video, Wired’s Brian Chen admits that the easiest way to install OS X is to download an illegal copy of the operating system from a torrent site, although “it would be very polite to have your own purchased retail version.”

So I’m not entirely surprised to learn today that Apple is suing Wired over the video. If you visit the site, you’ll notice that the written instructions for installing OS X are still online. But the video has been pulled down. Fortunately, the folks at Gizmodo have grabbed a copy of the video and posted it for anyone who’s curious.

Now, Wired isn’t exactly the first place to publish information about loading OS X onto a netbook. And I doubt it will be the last. But it’s probably worth noting that the printed instructions are far more detailed than the steps shown in the video. So umm, if you really want to know how to install OS X, it looks like there still plenty of ways to find out.

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  • eric

    will osx be fully functional on the new hp 2140, i wonder? anyone tried it on either the mini 1000, or the mini 2133? thanks!

  • jim

    I love how the easiest way to have a hackintosh is to download an illegal copy.

    Wake-up Apple: if you allow os x to be installed on even just a few x86 platforms, people will buy your product instead of illegally download it.


    Oh Apple knows and they've been winking at the OSX86 movement for years…they just got millions of dollars of beta testing done for free by us Joe Public. Don't be surprised when they figure out a licensing scheme that once and for all shuts down that other OS and puts a 128 bit OS XI on every laptop from sea to shining sea.

  • connor


  • Connor McBrine-Ellis