Acer Aspire One Linux recovery DVD available for download

Acer has posted a disc image on its FTP site with everything you need to restore an Acer Aspire One mini-laptop with Linpus Linux Lite to its factory default condition.

There are three ways to use the 1GB disc image to restore your system. You can download the disc image and burn it to a DVD, then use a USB DVD drive to boot your system from the disc. If you don’t have a USB DVD drive, you can burn the image to a disc, and then run the utility on another PC that has a DVD drive to prepare a USB stick that can be used to install the software on your Aspire ONe.

Or you can follow the instructions at macles to use the Acer Aspire One Recovery DVD Installer, which will let you prepare the USB stick without first burning the DVD to disc.

Keep in mind, any personal data or settings you have installed on the netbook will be erased if you use this recovery DVD. So make sure to backup your data. But the recovery disc can come in handy if you’ve royally messed up your machine or if you plan to sell your netbook and want to remove any personal information first.

  • Ben Harris

    Unless I am missing something, that url points to whihc appears to be owned by the “Taiwan Advanced Research & Education Network” <>. Maybe that is owned by Acer, but it is a little unclear to me.

    So maybe it would be better to not say, “Acer has posted a disc image on its FTP site.” That said, I really do appreciate this information.

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  • grumpf

    The link doesn't work :-(

  • Diego

    February the19, 2009
    The “disk image on ftp site” has been removed (link broken).
    On Linpus site, the Acer recovery image directory is empty.
    On Acer site, there is no CD and/or USB recovery image.

  • Mariano

    You can find a torrent file here ( ) that is a ghost image ( ghost.exe is included ) of the usb memory created by the Acer Aspire One linpus recovery dvd.

    Hope this helps.

  • Ruben

    I cannot imagine anyone would actually want this freakin' crippled Linpus back on his/her Aspire. I'm glad I put Ubuntu Remix on it!

  • Italo

    the link don't work…. Acer have removed the file ?

  • azed

    can i install this linux to another acer, like acer aspire 5050

  • azed

    can i install this linux to another acer, like acer aspire 5050

  • Abc
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