Linux4one: Ubuntu for the Acer Aspire One


The Acer Aspire One Laptop comes with a choice of Windows XP or Linpus Linux Lite. The custom Linux distro is designed to be easy to use and resembles the Xandros Linux “easy mode” software that Asus ships with some Eee PC models. But while the software makes it easy to find and launch applications with minimal effort, it’s a bit trickier to download and install new applications.

Enter Linux4one. This custom Linux distribution is based on Ubuntu, but it’s tweaked to support the Acer Aspire One’s hardware. Linux4one also uses the Ubuntu Netbook Remix interface which, like Linpus Linux Lite, provides you with large icons for frequently used programs and separate tabs for categories like Internet, Administration, and Favorites. Best of all, since Linux4one is based on the popular Ubuntu Linux operating system, there are thousands of open source applications that will run on the OS.

via Eee PC It Runs on Linux, thanks Richard!


    Great. Now all we need is a version for the Samsung NC10.

  • sockdaddy

    looks like this distro is in Italian… can anyone confirm if it has been localized for English?

  • blobay

    Yes, is only an Italian project, but the english language can ever installed by synaptic.
    We are considering to make an english version.

  • ryo-saeba

    the RC2 Version will also be localized in English technically by Jan 6

  • BezierBoy

    Any plans to update this from Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy Heron) to Ubuntu 8.10 (Intrepid Ibix) for the RC2 or later release?

  • ryo-saeba

    right now we prefer sticking to 8.04 since it's a LTS. Passing to 8.10 would not benefit the distribution. Nevertheless, we're evaluating a distribution from scratch. Happy New Year!!!!

  • ryo-saeba

    Linux4One rc2 is available :)

  • Jeffrey

    Not a bad distribution…. The ISO i downloaded is multilingual for install, but the liveCD is in Italian. The good news, at least for me' I can finally use my USB727 mobile broadband from Verizon without an inordinate amount of fuss. (after running a small script I wrote to initialize it… post a reply if anyone needs the script)

  • Emma

    Hi, I am a complete linux novice and I've suffered trying to tinker with the AA1 linpus distro. Yesterday I installed Linux4one and it is brilliant. Everything worked straight away, wireless included. The boot up time is also great. I have the 120gb 1gb RAM model. I highly recommend it.

  • Tom Turkanen

    Does the integrated 3G included to Aspire One A150 work fine?

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  • Eric

    Bootup time around 2 minutes, then no wifi, no wifi led. There have many water to run, to reach 15s bootup from linpus to full xfce desktop.It's a mess now, nothing that can be used in productivity.

  • rakon

    Hola buenas!

    Esta distro es perfecta, no le podía pedir mas, todo el hardware ok, un sistema poco cargado de programas y una interface suficiente para mi.

    Aquí tengo un tutorial de como instalarlo:

    Por lo que habláis del wifi, una vez instalado linux4one y entráis por primera vez a la sesión reiniciar el pc y os funcionará perfectamente la tarjeta wifi. Al menos fue lo que me paso a mi.


  • lola

    How did you get your wireless working? I am having difficulty getting this last brick to fall into place. Let me know! Thanks…

  • lola

    How did you get your wireless working? I am having difficulty getting this last brick to fall into place. Let me know! Thanks…

  • Moussier Voutour

    need to post patches upstream to ubuntu /canonocal staff for the ENE card reader. kernel devs need the driver. LTS is 10.04 now.

  • Bob Barr

    I have been trying a number of linux distros to replace Linpus but none work really well so I’d like to try linux4one but can’t find the iso to download. Is it still around or discontinued?