Spare battery chargers for Asus Eee PC models

Want to know what my biggest issue with the original Asus Eee PC 701 was? It wasn’t the small screen or cramped keyboard. No, it was the fact that it took forever for the battery to charge. You’d get about two hours of run time per charge, and then you’d have to plug your computer in for another three hours before you could go out again. Newer Eee PC models charge much more quickly. But if you’ve got an Eee PC 701, a spare battery charger can be invaluable. You can buy an extra battery or two and have them charge while you’re using your laptop far, far away from your power adapter.

Expansys first started offering a spare battery charger for the Eee PC 701 earlier this year. Now it looks like the company is expanding its line of Eee PC battery charging adapters. There’s currently a clip-on charger for the Eee PC 900, and a charger for the Eee PC 901 and 1000 series netbooks are coming soon.

The Eee PC 701 model costs $41, while the 901/1000 will go for $53.99. For some reason, the Eee PC 900 series charger costs a bit more at $70.99.

via jkkmobile