Indamixx netbook is a 2 pound music studio


Looking for a light weight, ultraportable laptop that you can use to create, mix, and edit audio on the go? The Indamixx laptop is a $499 netbook loaded with a boatload of software for creating and editing audio. The netbook includes a custom Linux OS called Transmission 2.1, and software packages including:

  • energyXT for music production
  • Ardour for digital audio editing
  • Preloaded with 2900 drum sounds and 350 samples
  • Over 260 plugins
  • Ardour Xchange which will import audio from other digitla audio workstation applications

The Indamixx is based on the same design as the Sylvania G Meso netbook. But in addition to the custom operating system and music software, you get a carrying case, a 1GB SD card, a free t-shirt, free shipping for US customers, and 30 days of software support.

The netbook is available for pre-order with a $99 deposit, and is expected to ship before Christmas.

via Create Digital Music