MSI Wind U120 coming next month

MSI is expected to launch a sequal to the Wind U90/U100 netbooks that are so popular with the kids (and hackintosh makers) these days. And according to DigiTimes, the MSI Wind U120, which will feature an integrated 3.5G modem could be available as soon as November.

For the most part, the U120 looks a lot like the U100 — on paper. It’s got a shiny new case with a more angular design (fewer rounded corners) than the U100. But inside, it’s got a 120GB hard drive, 1GB of RAM, and a 1.6GHz Intel Atom CPU. Word on the street is that MSI will eventually offer a solid state disk option in lieu of a hard drive.

The MSI Wind U120 will reportedly cost about $550, although the company is working with some mobile carriers to bundle netbook with wireless data plans. It’s not clear how this will affect the price, but it’s not uncommon to see carriers offer handsets or even computers for free after locking you into a 1 or 2 year service plan.

via Engadget