HP spills the beans on the HP Mini 1000 netbook

HP Mini 1000 

The HP Shopping homepage has an image of what appears to be the sequel to the HP 2133 Mini-Note. But if you click on the picture of the netbook, which appears to be called the HP Mini 1000, you get nothing. The folks at HP 2133 Guide make an educated guess that the page was supposed to go live on Wednesday, but there’s definitely very little information available today.

Here’s what we do know:

  • It’s called the HP Mini 1000, which would seem to imply that it has a 10 inch screen (current HP Mini-Note models have 8.9 inch displays).
  • Prices will start at $399.99, which is about $100 less than the price HP introduced the first HP 2133 Mini-Notes at back in April, but $100 more than the price you can pay to pick up the cheapest Mini-Note available from Amazon today.
  • The netbooks are described as less than 1″ thick (or rather, “thin”) with a starting weight of 2.25 pounds.
  • The case looks similar to the HP 2133 Mini-Note chassis, but it’s all black (which would seem to indicate it’s made of plastic, not aluminum), and there’s a smaller bezel around the screen (which lends credence to the idea of a 10 inch screen).
And here’s what  we don’t know:
  • Does it have an Intel Atom CPU like the Vivienne Tam Edition or a VIA C7-M (or Nano) chip like earlier Mini-Notes?
  • Will it have a 1280 x 768 pixel display like earlier models, or the 1024 x 600 pixel display HP (and practically every other netbook maker) has been using in more recent models?
  • If the starting price is $399.99, what will the top of the line model cost?

The HP 2133 Mini-Note stood out from most other netbooks. In good ways and bad. The chassis is one of the sturdiest and most attractive cases on any netbook. The high resolution screen is crystal clear compared with the screens on most other netbooks. But the VIA C7-M CPU tended to make early Mini-Notes a bit slower than Intel Celeron or Intel Atom powered netbooks when it came to CPU intensive tasks or multi-tasking. 

Now it looks like HP may be going with the flow and releasing a machine that looks a lot like all the other netbooks on the market in terms of specs and price. But I’m holding out hope that HP continues to hang on to a few of the things that made the original Mini-Note distinctive. Perhaps for $400 you’ll be able to pick up a Linux model with an Intel Atom CPU, a 4GB SSD and 512MB – 1GB of RAM and a 1024 x 600 pixel display. But it would be nice if for $100 more you could get a model with a higher resolution display, a larger hard drive, and Windows XP. 
Maybe we’ll know for sure by Wednesday.
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  • OpNickC

    There's a rumor (based on a leak of Laptopmag.com's hands-on with the Mini 1000) that HP will be launching TWO new mini-notes this Wednesday. The article snippet that is exposed on their website says that the 1000 is not a replacement for the 2133, inferring that the other notebook being launched is an updated 2133.

    Hopefully this means a new aluminum model in addition to the generic plastic. More info here:
    and here:

    PS – I'm not sure how to submit this as a story, so feel free to post a story based off this info.

  • Josh

    Any ideas on the OS that is displaying on that screen? I'd guess a customized Linux distro, and probably not Windows. The whole black motif looks pretty cool though.

  • http://www.rhodamine.eu/~richard/ richard mullens

    “But it would be nice if for $100 more you could get a model with a higher resolution display, a larger hard drive, and Windows XP” –

    WRONG !

    I'd like a high specification Linux machine – including a 6 cell battery, 1280×768 screen SATA drive and Ubuntu Linux !
    1 GB of memory is probably sufficient.

  • REMF

    what made the current mininote stand out more than anything for me was the rugged aluminium body.

    it seems there will be two models according to the original article:
    1. an update for the current 2133
    2. an Atom/plastic consumer netbook which also comes with the funky paint-job

    therefore it looks like the business oriented 2133 with its hi-res screen and alu shell will survive, makes sense since HP have cornered the business/education netbook market already, why give it up?

    the biggest question is whether the 2133 update will stick with Via, moving to the Nano processor, and which chipset will it use? nvidia MCP79 ulv anyone………………

  • REMF

    HP have three choices with the refresh mininote 2133 assuming they stick with Via CPU's:

    1. keep the same terrible integrated Via chipset
    2. use a Via chipset with the new S3 400 ULP GPU for netbooks
    3. use the nVidia MCP79 ulv integrated chipset as found in the new MBA

    I wonder which it will be?

    incidentally, there is a petition to use the nVidia mGPU in the 2133 refresh:

  • RedsGT

    1280×768 + <$500 + Atom/Nano = Win!

  • http://anonymous.com anonymous

    sequal?!?!?!?!?! and you expect people to read this blog?!

  • DougC3

    HP has announced a device which I may want to buy. But wait, before they have released it, HP has leaked intimations of another device which I may like better. I'll have to keep on waiting… Sound familiar? Shades of Asus :)

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  • mattytee

    >makes sense since HP have cornered the business/education netbook market already

    [citation needed]

  • mattytee

    >makes sense since HP have cornered the business/education netbook market already

    [citation needed]

  • mattytee

    >makes sense since HP have cornered the business/education netbook market already

    [citation needed]

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