Dell Inspiron Mini 9 running OS X

Want a MacBook Mini, but don’t want to wait for Apple to actually release a netbook? While hackers have been installing OS X on the MSI Wind for ages (or what passes for ages in the netbook world), it looks like there’s a new candidate for smallest OS X netbook around: The Dell Inspiron Mini 9.

Dan at Uneasy Silence was one of the first people to successfully install OS X on an Asus Eee PC. Now he’s managed to get it up and running on a Dell Inspiron Mini 9.

Keep in mind, Apple prohibits users from installing OS X on non-Apple hardware. But if you can live with violating that rule, you can download a custom version of OS X 10.5 optimized for the MSI Wind. Since the Inspiron Mini shares some hardware with the Wind, almost everything works out of the box. You will need to download some fixes to get the WiFi, LAN, and audio working, but Dan has a full set of instructions available at his site.