Big-Ass MSI Wind 9 cell batteries now shipping

I’m a sucker for a photo of a big battery. I’ve been known to purchase batteries for PDAs and handheld devices that triple their battery life and double their weight. Sure, you feel a bit silly buying a 19 ounce battery for a netbook that weighs less than 2 pounds without one. But there’s something appealing about being able to squeeze 8-10 horus of battery life on a single charge.

Some members of the MSI Wind forums have found an eBay seller with 9 cell batteries for the MSI Wind laptop. There’s no doubt, the battery adds a bit of heft (and tilt) to the netbook. But you could fly across country (and almost back again) without stopping to charge.

This isn’t the first super-high capacity netbook battery we’ve seen. There’s also one for the Eee PC 901/1000 series, and another for for the Eee PC 701/900 series.

via Wired