XO Laptop available at Amazon in November, maybe with Windows XP?

The OLPC project is resurrecting its “give one, get one” program that allows end users in developed countries to purchase the XO laptop which is designed for children in developing nations. The idea is that you pay about twice the cost of an XO and you get one while another is donated to a young person.

Last year the price tag was $399 and you could order directly through the OLPC web site. This year Amazon will be handling the sales. It’s not clear if the price will be higher or lower this year. On the one hand, production costs have probably come down a bit. On the other hand, OLPC is expected to release a version of the XO laptop that runs both Linux and Windows XP in the next month or two. So you might be able to pay a few bucks extra to get a dual boot XO.

  • sracer

    I don't know how well these will sell unless they implement power management (including suspend/resume) that doesn't corrupt SD cards, provide drivers for the stylus areas, and improve the performance and capabilities of Sugar.

    If they come with a more traditional Linux distro installed and/or optimized version of XP, then it could really shake things up in the netbook arena.

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  • eve isk

    However, I would wonder how the XO can actually run MS Office on XP? Do you REALLY mean OFFICE, which is extremely bloated and expensive? Or would they mean a slimmed down version of MS Works? Which MS tend to include on mini-notebooks.

    It would be interesting to see how XP runs on the XO in the field. And how long it stays up when connected to the internet. The general opinion seems to be that XP connected to the internet lasts around 12 minutes, maybe more on a slow link, before the computer is zombified.

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    I think putting windows on the XO is nothing short of a bastardization of everything that device stands for. If MS's intended isn't to somehow use this device as a Trojan horse to get its software into other places (maybe third world govt' computers) then I don't understand why they would want their OS as a competitor in a contest for which Windows of any version is unsuitable. I am sick and tired of these “Apples and Oranges” comparison between windows and Linux*. XO was not designed to use Windows and any attempt to justify otherwise is nonsense.

  • http://www.unlock-the-iphone.com UnlockiPhonesoftware

    I am looking forward to buy one for my kid. If it comes with XP that makes even more better to use. Cause they will have similar environment.

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    I am looking forward to buy one for my kid. If it comes with XP that makes even more better to use. Cause they will have similar environment.

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