Hacking the Eee PC 900 screen onto an Eee PC 701

Eee hacker extraordinaire jkkmobile, the guy who brought us the first touchscreen Eee PC mod, has answered the age-old question: will an Eee PC 900 screen work on an Eee PC 701. The answer? Kind of.

For the most part, the Eee PC 900 and 701 hardware is identical. Sure, the Eee PC 900 has a larger, multi-touch touchpad and a larger screen, but that’s about it for the changes. So jkkmobile decided to see what happened when he connected the 8.9 inch display from his new toy computer to his Eee PC 701. And it turns out that the screen works, but you need to hack the BIOS if you want to use the full screen. And of course, the screen doesn’t really fit in the 701 casing, which wasn’t designed for it. So you’ll need some serious casemodding skills — or some duct tape.

Of course, the whole exercise is pretty much academic. Because if you’ve already got an Eee PC 900, why exactly would you want to rip out its pretty little screen and put it in another computer? On the other hand, there’s nothing that special about the Eee PC 900 screen, so if this works, maybe we’ll start to see third party kits showing up on eBay that allow users to upgrade their Eee PC 701 displays.