Eee PC 900 to be available in the US on May 12th for $549

Asus has finally announced the US release date and pricing for the Eee PC 900. It should be available in the US on May 12th, and the computer will cost $549, which is almost $100 cheaper than the European version, as expected, but a bit more pricier than the version available in Hong Kong.

At $549, the Eee PC 900 is exactly the same price as an HP 2133 Mini-Note with a 120GB hard drive and a 1.2GHz VIA processor running OpenSUSE Linux and a 1280 x 600 pixel display. The Eee PC 900, on the other hand will have a 12GB or 20GB solid state flash memory disk, a 900MHz Celeron processor, a 1024 x 600 pixel display, and will be available with Windows XP or Linux. In other words, the companies aren’t making this choice easy for anyone.

[via Notebook Review]