Lilbits (9-02-2014): Android One is coming (to India)

android one invite

Earlier this summer Google introduced a new initiative called Android One. The idea is to partner with device makers to offer low-cost, high-quality Android phones that run Google approved software. The first Android One devices are expected to be offered in India and they could sell for around $100. Now Google has started sending out […]

MOTA SmartRing: Because smartwatches are too… I dunno


Electronics companies seem to be banking on smartwatches being the next big thing. Practically every major device maker has already announced one or is expected to launch one soon. MOTA already has a smartwatch… so the company’s taking the next (il)logical step and announcing something smaller: meet the MOTA SmartRing. Seriously. I think. The SmartRing […]

Zotac’s first mini PC with Windows 8.1 now available for $220

zotac zbox bi320

Zotac has been offering small form-factor computers for the past few years, but the company typically sells computers without an operating system. Recently Zotac announced that it would begin offering a handful of models with Windows 8.1 and now the first one is available. You can pick up a Zotac ZBOX BI320 with an Intel […]

Chinese device makers launch 7 inch Windows tablets

cube iwork 7

There’s no shortage of Windows 8.1 tablets with 8 inch screens. But you know what’s tough to find? A model with a 7 inch screen. A couple of Chinese companies are looking to change that. Cube and Ramos have both recently unveiled 7 inch tablets with Intel Atom Bay Trail processors and Windows 8.1 software. […]

Deals of the Day (9-02-2014)

acer aspire switch 10_02

The Acer Aspire Switch 10 is a Windows tablet with an Intel Atom Bay Trail processor, a 10 inch screen, and a detachable keyboard dock that lets you use the tablet like a notebook. You can even flip the screen around so it faces away from the keyboard if you want to just treat the […]

HP Stream 7, 8 Windows tablets pop up in Europe

hp stream 7

HP plans to launch a cheap Windows tablet called the HP Stream 7. While the company hasn’t officially announced the product yet, Microsoft mentioned the tablet in July as an example of inexpensive new Windows machines on the way. Now the folks at Mobile Geeks have spotted a retail listing for the tablet which gives us a […]

Giada D330 is a compact, Haswell-powered PC

giada 330_03

Tiny PC maker Giada has unveiled a new small form-factor desktop computer that’s powered by an Intel Haswell processor. The Giada D330 is a barebones PC which is about 2 inches thickand which support sup to an Intel Core i7 processor. Giada’s targeting system builders and DIY-minded folks interested in building their own little desktop […]

Deals of the Day (9-01-2014)

lg g watch

LG may have a new smartwatch on the way, but the company’s old model isn’t all that old. The original LG G Watch launched just a few months ago and still sells for $229… normally. Best Buy is currently offering the LG G Watch for just $180. Sure, it has a square watch face instead of […]