Another tablet gains (some) support for Remix OS

remix teclast_01

Remix OS is a custom version of Android aimed at making Google’s smartphone and tablet operating system feel more like a laptop or desktop OS designed for productivity. Jide, company behind the operating system, was formed by former Google employees and they unveiled the software earlier this year along with a tablet designed to run Remix […]

Running Windows on an Acer C720 Chromebook

acer c720 windows

Most Chromebooks are affordable portable laptops that sell for around $150 and up. They ship with Google’s Chrome operating system which is designed to boot quickly, let you get online in seconds, and run web apps from the Chrome Web Store. But a Chromebook is basically just a laptop that ships with Chrome OS. Most models […]

Lilbits (5-22-2015): Android M is coming

Samsung Galaxy S6

There are already a handful of Android phones that include fingerprint scanners which let you do things like unlock your device or authorize mobile payments using the unique pattern on your fingertip instead of a password. But makers of those phones have had to tack that feature onto the operating system, because fingerprint detection isn’t […]

Report: iPad to support split-screen multitasking

split screen ipad

Apple’s smartphones, tablets, and whatever the iPod touch is have supported multitasking for years. But so far that’s only meant you could switch between apps running in the background and maybe listen to music from one app while you’re looking at another. But soon you may be able to see up to three apps on the […]

Deals of the Day (5-22-2015)

hp stream 7_02

Want a 1-year subscription to Microsoft Office 365? That’ll be $70. For that price you can run the latest versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and other apps on one PC or Mac, one tablet, and one phone. You also get 1TB of cloud storage at Microsoft OneDrive. It’s not a bad deal, especially if […]

Build the tiniest gamepad ever

Tiny Console Gamepad

TinyCircuits, makers of tiny, open-sourced electronics, recently posted instructions for building the smallest video game console I’ve ever seen. With a few dedicated components available from the TinyCircuits’ online shop, you too can play Space Invaders on a thumbnail sized screen. The build calls for a TinyShield Joystick board, which has two analog joysticks and […]

Pebble Time color smartwatch begins shipping May 27th

pebble time

Pebble has announced that it will begin shipping its first smartwatch with a color display to backers of its Kickstarter campaign on May 27th. The goal is to ship Pebble Time watches to everyone who backed the campaign by mid-June. The team is also planning to launch updated versions of its Pebble apps for iOS […]

Jide Remix Ultra Tablet hits retail: Now available for $399


The Jide Remix Ultra Tablet is the first tablet to ship with Remix OS. It’s an operating system designed to make Android feel more like Windows: While it supports the Google Play Store and hundreds of thousands of Android apps, Remix OS also has a Windows-like taskbar and lets you view multiple apps at once […]

Sphero has joined the Dark Side


Sphero is a tiny, spherical robot that is powered by your smartphone. It can do tricks, teach you how to program, and let your turn your living room into an arcade game via augmented reality apps. Sphero is also the inspiration for the newest droid celebrity of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” BB-8. Sphero’s cousin, […]

Neo900 inches closer to reality (project to update the Nokia N900 hardware)


The Nokia N900 smartphone was the last phone to ship with the open source, Linux-based Maemo operating system. It was released in late 2009, shortly before Maemo was merged with Moblin to become MeeGo… and then Nokia stopped supporting both operating systems and began focusing on Windows Phone software. Nokia’s phone business was later acquired by […]

Cyanogen Platform SDK lets developers build on CyanogenMod features

bike mode cm

The open source CyanogenMod operating system is a customized version of Google Android which you can install on dozens of phones and tablets. CyanogenMod gives users more control over the behavior of their device… but now the developers of CyanogenMod also want to make it easier for app developers to integrate their software with core features of […]