Deals of the Day (5-28-2015)

surface pro 3_02

Want a relatively inexpensive Microsoft Surface tablet? Microsoft sells the new Surface 3 for $499 and up. It has 10.8 inch, full HD display, an Intel Atom x7 processor, and support for an optional Surface Pen or Type Cover. But if you’ve got a little more money to spare you can buy a refurbished Surface Pro […]

Acer GT-810 tablet with Intel Atom x7 coming soon?

acer gt-810 gfx

The tablets with Intel Atom Cherry Trail chips are starting to arrive. The Microsoft Surface 3 was the first tablet to ship with an Intel Atom X7 processor. But it won’t be the only model available for long. Lenovo has just unveiled a new ThinkPad 10 tablet which features a choice of an Atom X5 […]

Lenovo unveils dual-screen Magic View smartwatch concept

magic view_02

Smartwatches with a display that let you view notifications at a glance are cool, I guess… but you know what’s really cool? A smartwatch with two displays. Well, cool or silly. I haven’t made up my mind yet. Either way, Lenovo is showing off a concept smartwatch that has two screens, because… well, probably because it’s hard […]

Chip maker Avago to acquire Broadcom for $37 billion


Avago Technologies has announced plans to acquire Broadcom for $37 billion. That’s a lot of money. In fact, Bloomberg says it’s the biggest tech deal ever, and Avago says the combined company will be valued at $77 billion. The new company will be called Broadcom LTd, but it will be headed by Avago CEO Hock […]

Lenovo Smart Cast: Smartphone with built-in projector (concept)

lenovo smart cast_01

Lenovo has revealed a concept for a new smartphone with a built-in projector. It’s called the Lenovo Smart Cast, and not only would it let you beam content from your phone, but it would include sensors that let you interact with that content. For example, you could set up the phone to project a virtual display […]

Amazon Prime now includes free same-day shipping*

same day

Amazon Prime subscribers may get access to streaming music, movies, and other perks. But Amazon’s $99-per year membership program started off as a way to get 2-day shipping on many items for an annual fee. Over the past few years a number of other companies have started working on (or launching) programs that could compete with […]

Zotac ZBOX MA760 mini PC supports up to 4 displays


Zotac offers a wide range of tiny desktop computers. Most are low-power systems, but a few models have powerful enough specs to function as gaming PCs. Now Zotac is getting ready to launch a model with support for up to 4 external displays. Zotac is introducing the ZBOX MA760 in advance of the Computex show […]

Lenovo ThinkPad Stack modular PC accessories hit the FCC

thinkpad stack

Lenovo’s ThinkPad Stack is a series of modular computer accessories that can be stacked on top of one another and connected to a PC with a single cable. The ThinkPad Stack system was unveiled at CES in January, and Lenovo said you’d be able to buy the some of the first components in April. The […]

Lenovo Cast is a $49 wireless display adapter

lenovo cast

Lenovo has introduced a new wireless display adapter that you can use to stream content from your tablet, phone, or PC to a TV. It’s called Lenovo Cast, and it’s coming in August for $49. That means the Lenovo Cast will be more expensive than Google’s $35 Chromecast, but it’ll also be able to do […]

Watch Google I/O 2015 live (Android M and more)

google io

Google’s annual developer conference kicks of on May 28th, and you can watch the keynote and many sessions live. Liliputing will be bringing you the latest news from Google I/O 2015 as it develops, and for the first time we’ll have hands-on videos and other content from our senior (and only) West Coast correspondent. But if you’re […]

Report: Proactive is Apple’s answer to Google Now

iphone 6 and plus

Apple may be preparing to launch a new feature for iPhones designed to automatically show you relevant information before you even ask for it. According to 9to5Mac, the new feature is called Proactive, and it’s basically the iPhone equivalent of Google Now. Proactive is said to pull together features from Siri, Contacts, Calendar, Passbook, and […]

Baikal-T1 is a dual-core MIPS chips for Russian communications tech

baikal t-01

Last year Russian government officials said they wanted to reduce reliance on Intel and AMD chips and move to processors designed and built in the country. Now the folks at Imagination Technology have announced that they’re working with a group of engineers to create a dual-core MIPS-based processor for communications applications. It’s called the Baikal-T1, […]

Deals of the Day (5-27-2015)

acer e11

Acer and Asus both offer Windows laptops with 11.6 inch displays, low-power processors, and price tags of $199 or less. And right now you can buy one or the other for a even less money. B&H is selling the Acer Aspire E11 for $179, while VooduBlue has an Asus EeeBook X205 for about $20 less. Here […]

Bring Super Mario Bros to any screen on a Mac with Screentendo


Ever find yourself staring at your computer screen and wishing you were looking at a game rather than a spreadsheet? Now there’s a way to turn pretty much anything on your screen into a game… if you’re using a Mac. Software developer Aaron Randall recently created an OS X application that can transform a portion of […]