ECS introduces LIVA mini PC kit with 64GB of storage

ecs liva white

The ECS LIVA is a tiny, fanless desktop PC with an Intel Celeron Bay Trail CPU, 2GB of RAM, and a case that’s small enough to hold in one hand. ECS sells the LIVA as a kit which you put together yourself, but since the memory, storage, and CPU are attached the motherboard all you […]

Deals of the Day (7-31-2014)

fiesta run

Apparently ’tis the season for free or cheap Android apps and games. Thursday and Friday Amazon is giving away 30 apps that you’d normally have to pay for, and Ubisoft is offering huge discounts on several games in the Google Play Store. You can pick up Assasin’s Creed Pirates for just 10 pennies or Rabbids […]

Runtastic Orbit is a $120 fitness tracker and running watch

runtastic orbit_02

Runtastic makes a popular mobile app for runners that lets you track your distance traveled, view maps of your past runs, get feedback through a voice coach, and much more. The company also offers a line of hardware including a GPS watch, heart rate monitor, and digital scale. Now Runtastic is launching its answer to […]

Raspberry Pi Model B+ can wear HATs (Hardware Attached on Top)

raspberry pi hat

The new Raspberry Pi Model B+ may not have a faster processor or more memory than the original Raspberry Pi mini-computers that launched 2 years ago. But it has twice as many USB ports, more GPIO pins, lower power consumption, and other improvements. It can also wear a HAT… which is a new type of […]

AMD launches dev kit with 64-bit ARM-based server chips

amd arm

Chip maker AMD is launching its first processors based on ARM technology this year. The first ARM chips from the company are aimed at servers rather than desktops, notebooks, or tablets. But software and hardware developers can now apply for a development kit which is basically a microATX PC motherboard with a quad-core AMD Opteron A1100-Series […]

Kingsing W8 is a $99 Windows tablet

kingsing w8

Windows tablets are about to get a whole lot cheaper. There are already plenty of 8 inch Windows tablets that are priced competitively with Android tablets (and priced below iPad mini tablets). And Toshiba recently launched one of the first Windows 8.1 tablets to feature a $199 price tag, and you can often find other […]

Maingear Spark is a tiny gaming PC for $699 and up

maingear spark_03

Gaming computer maker Maingear is now selling its smallest gaming desktop yet. The Maingear Spark measures just 4.5″ x 4.23″ x 2.34″ but it packs an AMD A8-5557M quad-core processor and Radeon R9 M275X graphics. It’s now available for purchase for $699 and up. If the system looks familiar there might be two reasons for […]

Deals of the Day (7-30-2014)

asus c200 chromebook

Chromebooks have a reputation for being cheaper than Windows notebooks… but as the prices for Windows machines continue to fall that’s not always the case. There are plenty of Windows tablets, notebooks, and 2-and-1 systems available for under $300. But that’s OK… because Chromebooks seem to be getting cheaper all the time. Amazon is offering […]