Google Chromecast gets its game on

chromecast multi_02

Google’s Chromecast is a $35 device that you plug into the HDMI port of a TV to stream music, video, or other content from the internet. But that’s not all you can do with a Chromecast. Last year Google added support for some video games which let you use your phone or tablet as a […]

What’s new in Android M?

android m devices

Google’s next version of Android is set to launch in the third quarter of 2015. That’s when Google will release the software to the public and release the source code so that phone and tablet makers can bring the update to their users. But developers and early adopters can try an early version. Google released […]

NVIDIA Shield Android TV game console is now available for $199 and up

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NVIDIA’s new game console with a Tegra X1 processor and support for 4K content is now available for $199 and up. The NVIDIA Shield Console runs Google’s Android TV software which lets you stream internet video, play Android games, and run other apps on your TV. But it also supports NVIDA’s GameStream and GRID technology […]

Google Play gets new family-friendly features (video)

google play family

Google is making it easier to find Android apps, games, videos, and other content that you’d feel comfortable letting your kids use. The Google Play Store now has a Family button for Apps, Games, and Movies & TV sections and a Children’s Books section in the Books area. Parents can also use updated controls to […]

Google Maps to support offline navigation

maps offline

Google Maps for Android already lets you download maps to view later, even when you don’t have an internet connection. But right now offline Maps have limited functionality. Later this year Google plans to roll out an update that lets you download a map for a region and then search for places and even get […]

Google Photos offers unlimited photo and video storage

google photos_001

Google is launching a new service for managing, storing, and sharing your photos and videos. It’s called Google Photos and if it looks familiar, that’s because it’s the evolution of the Photos portion of Google Plus. But you don’t need a Google+ account to use the new service… and you don’t need to pay. Google Photos […]

Google unveils Brillo, an operating system for Internet of Things


As expected, Google is developing an operating system for the Internet of Things. It’s called Brillo, and it’s based on Google Android, but Brillo is designed for simple devices like connected light bulbs, refrigerators, thermostats, and ovens. Brillo will be available as a developer preview in the third quarter of 2015, and Google plans to […]

Google introduces Android M Developer Preview

android m devices

Google is introducing the next version of Android, code-named Android M. The company will be making an Android M developer preview available today for the Google Nexus 5, Nexus 6, Nexus 9, and Nexus Player. A public launch of the operating system will be available later this year. Update: The Android M Developer Preview and SDK […]

HBO Now is coming to Android, Android TV, and Chromecast

17m chromecast

Google has announced that HBO’s subscription-based streaming video service is coming to Google Play. That means subscribers will be able to watch HBO content on an Android phone or tablet, on Android TV, or on any TV with a Google Chromecast. Speaking of Chromecast, Google has revealed that it’s sold 17 million units of the $35 […]

Deals of the Day (5-28-2015)

surface pro 3_02

Want a relatively inexpensive Microsoft Surface tablet? Microsoft sells the new Surface 3 for $499 and up. It has 10.8 inch, full HD display, an Intel Atom x7 processor, and support for an optional Surface Pen or Type Cover. But if you’ve got a little more money to spare you can buy a refurbished Surface Pro […]

Acer GT-810 tablet with Intel Atom x7 coming soon?

acer gt-810 gfx

The tablets with Intel Atom Cherry Trail chips are starting to arrive. The Microsoft Surface 3 was the first tablet to ship with an Intel Atom X7 processor. But it won’t be the only model available for long. Lenovo has just unveiled a new ThinkPad 10 tablet which features a choice of an Atom X5 […]

Lenovo unveils dual-screen Magic View smartwatch concept

magic view_02

Smartwatches with a display that let you view notifications at a glance are cool, I guess… but you know what’s really cool? A smartwatch with two displays. Well, cool or silly. I haven’t made up my mind yet. Either way, Lenovo is showing off a concept smartwatch that has two screens, because… well, probably because it’s hard […]