ARM hints at next-gen “Maya” and “Artemis” chip designs

arm logo

The first chips based on ARM’s 64-bit ARMv8 designs are just starting to hit the streets this year. But the company is already working on next-generation designs code-named “Maya” and “Artemis.” The company’s CEO Simon Segars name-dropped the upcoming products when reporting ARM’s latest earnings this week. ARM doesn’t typically produce and sell chips itself. […]

Unlock your Moto X smartphone with a digital tattoo

digital tattoo

Worried you’ll get repetitive stress injuries if you keep unlocking your smartphone by tapping in a passcode or swiping an unlock pattern? Some you can use facial recognition to unlock many Android phones, Motorola’s also trying a new approach: digital tattoos. Slap a temporary, digital tattoo on a body part and for all you need […]

Deals of the Day (7-23-2014)

surface pro 1

On the eve of the San Diego Comic-Con, there are a few great comic book-related deals today. Amazon has some great deals on digital Batman comics and you can pick up some Batman games for PC at great prices too. Marvel Unlimited is offering a 1-month subscription to Marvel Unlimited for a buck, providing you with […]

HEXA Chromebook Pi Bay Trail Chrome OS laptop hits Canada

hexa chromebook_03

The HEXA Chromebook Pi is an 11.6 inch laptop with an Intel Bay Trail processor, a fanless design, and Google’s Chrome operating system. It’s now available in Canada for $275. On paper the system seems a lot like the Asus C200 Chromebook I reviewed recently. It has the same processor and both models feature passive […]

HP Pavilion 10z laptop with AMD Mullins chip now available for $250

pavilion 10z

One of the first portable computers sporting an AMD “Mullins” chip is now available. The HP Pavilion 10z is a small laptop with a touchscreen display and an AMD E1 Micro-6200T processor. It’s available from HP for $250. AMD’s Mullins chips are low-power, dual-core processors for low-cost tablets, notebooks, and 2-in-1 systems. These processors are […]

Allwinner to launch its first 64-bit chips in 2014

allwinner 64

Chinese chip maker Allwinner has announced plans to bring its first 64-bit processor based on ARMv8 architecture to market by the end of the year. The company will show off a demo of a new 64-bit development board at the Hong Kong Electronics Fair in mid-October. Allwinner isn’t sharing many details about the upcoming processor […]

Lilbits (7-22-2014): Even more tablets from Archos

archos tablets

French company Archos has bee selling Android tablets since before Google officially supported tablets. In the early days Archos tablets were among the few options available for folks that wanted Android on a device that wasn’t a phone. When other device makers started getting in on the action, Archos still stood out for a while due […]

Flexible display, battery technology advances

lg flexible oled

Try hard enough to bend your smartphone, tablet or laptop in half and you’ll probably break it. But gadgets of the future could be a bit more… flexible. Or at least damage-resistant. A handful of devices on the market already use flexible displays. That doesn’t mean you can roll them up, but it does mean […]

Huawei Honor H60 smartphone could sport 4GB of RAM

huawei honor h60_03

Huawei appears to be working on a smartphone with a 1.7 GHz octa-core processor, 16GB of storage, and a full HD display. Oh yeah, it also has 4GB of RAM, which means that the Huawei Honor H60 smartphone could have more memory than many laptop computers. Details about the upcoming phone showed up at China’s […]

Deals of the Day (7-22-2014)

Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 7

Amazon is off offering a 7 inch Kindle Fire HDX tablet with 4G LTE for $100 off. Humble Bundle is offering a crazy good deal on dozens of digital comics. And you can pick up a Pogoplug wireless backup device for just $8… and use it like a cheap, headless Linux PC if you like. […]

Pale Moon’s Firefox-based browser ported to Android


Pale Moon is an open source web browser based on Firefox. It’s compatible with Firefox extensions, optimized for speedy performance on modern computers, and it has one killer feature that’s probably done the most to make the desktop version of Pale Moon popular with many users: it doesn’t adopt the Australis user interface introduced with […]