Deals of the Day (4-18-2014)

hp chromebook 14

So you want a Chromebook, but you’re not convinced you want a laptop with an 11.6 inch display? No worries — the HP Chromebook 14 sports a nice big 14 inch screen. The laptop also has a reasonably speedy Intel Celeron 2955U dual-core Haswell processor. Unfortunately it has the same low-end specs as many other entry-level […]

Chuwi launches Lenovo Yoga Android tablet clone for some reason

Chuwi Yoga clone

Chinese device maker Chuwi’s latest Android tablet has a familiar-looking design. It’s basically a clone of Lenovo’s Yoga line of Android tablets, complete with a built-in kickstand that lets you prop up the tablet on a table. But while Lenovo’s tablets are powered by quad-core MediaTek processors, the new Chuwi model has a more powerful MediaTek […]

MSI ProBox23 is a barebones, Haswell mini PC

MSI ProBox23

MSI is launching a tiny, barebones desktop PC with support for some pretty impressive internals. The MSI ProBox23 should be available later in April, and it features a Mini ITX board with support for an Intel Haswell processor. The system will support up to 16GB of RAM, up to 3 internal storage devices, and has […]

More Google Camera features coming to Android

lens blur

Google released a new version of its camera app for Android this week, and offered it as a free update through the Play Store for anyone running Android 4.4 or later. The most noticeable new features in the Google Camera app are its redesigned user interface and the new Lens Blur feature which lets you […]

Deals of the Day (4-17-2014)

Acer C710 Chromebook

If you’re looking for an affordable Chrome laptop with long battery life and decent performance, Acer’s C720 line of Chromebooks sells for $199 to $299 offer pretty great performance for the price. But if you’re looking for something really cheap, Acer’s offering refurbished versions of last year’s model at even lower prices. Today you can pick up […]

Ubuntu 14.04 LTS is now available

Ubuntu 14.04

Ubuntu 14.04 is now available for download, and the latest version on of the operating system will be around for a while. Sure, Ubuntu 14.10 will come along in October and offer some new features, but the makers of Ubuntu will support Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty Tahr for at least 5 years because it’s an LTS […]

MLB.TV brings live baseball games to Chromecast

mlb chromecast

Tired of using your Chromecast to watch TV, movies, and cat videos? Now you can watch live sporting events. MLB.TV has added Chromecast support to its MLB at Bat apps for mobile devices. That means you can fire up the mobile app on your iOS or Android device to watch live games and hit the […]

Asus FonePad K012 could be an even cheaper tablet-sized phone

Asus K012 FonePad

The Asus FonePad line of devices are basically 7 inch smartphones (or tablets which you can use to make phone calls). While big-screen phones are nothing new, they’re usually high-priced devices with premium specs. But the Asus FonePad line of devices have always been pretty cheap, with prices running around $249 and up unlocked Fonepad. Now […]

Universal Windows apps arrive, run on PC, tablet, or phone

Halo Spartan Assault

Microsoft recently introduced support for a new type of app: Universal Windows Apps which can run on pretty much any modern Windows device including phones, tablets, and desktop or notebook computers. Developers can distribute Universal Windows Apps through the Windows Store, and when customers buy an app they get a license to run it on […]

Intel launches a fanless, Bay Trail NUC mini-computer

ntel NUC DE3815TYKHE

Intel has introduced its first tiny desktop computer to use passive cooling. The Intel NUC DE3815TYKHE measures 7.5″ x 4.6″ x 1.6″ and uses a combination of low-power components and passive heat dissipation so that it doesn’t require any fans. The system isn’t exactly a high-performance PC. It’s powered by a single-core Intel Atom Bay […]