Goodbye Xbox Music, hello Groove Music

groove music

When Windows 10 launches July 29th, it won’t feature Xbox Music and Xbox Video apps. Instead it will feature new apps called Groove Music and Movies & TV. Microsoft unveiled a new Windows Store in April. It’s a one-stop shop for apps, music, movies, and other digital content, and the new Movies & TV app […]

Voyo V2 mini PC packs an optional 64GB SSD

voyo v2_04

Over the past year we’ve seen a bunch of Chinese companies (and a few American ones) launch tiny desktop computers with low-power Intel Atom processors, Windows software, and price tags in the $100 to $200 range. Most feature 2GB of RAM and 32GB of storage, which means you’ll need to connect an external storage device […]

Grandstream GVC3200 is an Android-based video conferencing system


Google may be positioning Chrome OS as a platform that’s suitable for video conferencing systems (if you pay $1000 or more for the right hardware). But that hasn’t stopped Grandstream from launching its own video conferencing system that runs Google’s other operating system. The Grandstream GVC3200 video conferencing system is a high-end conferencing solution that runs Android […]

LG promises thinner touchscreen laptop displays

lg ait

LG Display has begun producing new displays that could be used to build thinner touchscreen laptops. Laptops with touchscreen displays tend to be a bit thicker and heavier than their non-touch counterparts. But LG says its Advanced In-Cell Touch panels are about 25 percent thinner and 35 percent lighter than conventional touchscreen laptop displays, which could […]

Deals of the Day (7-06-2015)


There’s no shortage of cheap, portable Windows laptops that sell for $200 or less these days. Acer, Asus, and HP each offer models that fall into that category. But those companies outfits its low-cost laptops with low-power Intel Bay Trail processors and a limited amount of storage: if you want more than 32GB of storage […]

Antivirus company Avira is developing a web browser

avira browser

Avira offers a suite of free and paid security tools including antivirus software, mobile security apps that help protect your device or find a lost or stolen phone, and browser add-ons. Now the company is developing its own web browser with security tools built in. Avira Browser is an open source web browser based on Google’s […]

Windows 10 RTM coming this week (probably)

win10 desk

Microsoft plans to launch Windows 10 on July 29th… although not everyone who’s signed up for the free update will get Windows 10 on the first day it’s available. Microsoft is doing a phased rollout. Anyway, with the next major version of Windows launching in just a few weeks, you might be a bit surprised […]

Hyperkin is making a controller case that is compatible with Game Boy

Hyperkin Smart Boy

Hyperkin is a gaming accessory maker that specializes in products that are compatible with consoles by Nintendo, Sega, Sony, and Microsoft. The company has officially announced it will be making a controller case that will allow users to play original Game Boy cartridge games right on their smartphone. The Smart Boy is a controller that […]

Casio heading into the smartwatch market

Casio Sport AE1000W-1BV

Casio, in an interview with the Wall Street Journal, announced it is developing new products to compete in the smartwatch market, due to launch in March of 2016. The new wrist worn device promises to be a watch that is smart instead of a smart device that is also a watch. According to Casio CEO […]

BlackBerry’s Android phones coming soon?


BlackBerry is reportedly getting ready to launch its first smartphone(s) powered by Google’s Android operating system. While the company hasn’t acknowledged plans to ship Android phones, BlackBerry has been dancing with Google for a while. Phones running BlackBerry OS can now run many Android apps available from the Amazon Appstore, and BlackBerry Messenger software is […]

Egreat i6 mini PC giveaway


The Egreat i6 is a small computer with Windows 8.1 with Bing software, an Intel Atom Bay Trail processor, HDMI and VGA ports, and dual-band WiFi. Geekbuying sells the Egreat i6 for about $140, but the store provided us with a demo unit to review. While it has a few odd software quirks, it offers […]