Now you can unlock a Chromebook with an Android phone

Image credit: GigaOm

Google’s Smart Lock feature for Chromebooks lets you unlock your notebook automatically when your smartphone is nearby. You’ll need a phone running Android 5.0, a Chromebook running Chrome OS version 4.0 or later, and support for Bluetooth on both devices.   Google first unveild the Smart Lock for Chrome last summer, but the Chrome team announced that […]

Facebook Bluetooth Beacons let stores beam info to your phone

facebook bluetooth beacons

Facebook already bridges the divide between the internet and the real world by offering a platform for interacting with your real-life friends online. But that’s not really where the money is, which is why your Facebook feed is probably filled with ads, sponsored posts, or content from websites you follow (like maybe Liliputing?) Now Facebook […]

Dell is working on a Bay Trail Chromebook

dell chromebook 11

Dell’s Chromebook 11 currently comes with a choice of an Intel Celeron 2955U Haswell or Core i3-4005U Haswell processor. But soon you may be able to buy Dell’s 11.6 inch Chrome OS laptop with an Intel Celeron N2840 Bay Trail processor. The folks at Notebook Italia spotted documents related to the new Dell Chromebook 11 […]

Google Now adds support for third-party app cards

pandora card

Google Now for Android can now show information from third-party apps. Google’s service is designed to give you information-at-a-glance when it’s most relevant. Up until recently all of that information came from Google apps and services including News, Calendar, and Gmail. But now you can see information from 40 different Android apps, assuming you have […]

Deals of the Day (1-30-2015)

lenovo thinkpad x1 carbon

Lenovo’s ThinkPad Carbon X1 notebooks offer premium specs in a compact case. Earlier this month Lenovo introduced a new 3rd-gen model powered by Intel Broadwell processors. That means it’s a great time for bargain hunters to pick up last year’s 2nd-gen models of this 2.8 pound notebook. Right now Lenovo is selling a model with a 14 […]

Cricket’s new wireless plans: 2.5GB data for $35 per month

cricket update

US wireless service provide Cricket is updating its service plans by increasing the amount of 4G LTE data it offers on its entry-level plans. Paying $40 per month (or $35 after a $5 discount for setting up auto-pay) used to get you 1GB of high-speed data during a billing period. Now it gets you 2.5GB. […]

Motorola 2nd-gen Moto G smartphone gets LTE (in Brazil)

moto g with lte

Motorola has launched a new version of the 2014 Moto G smartphone. While the new model has the same screen and processor as the version that launched a few months ago, there are three important changes. The new Moto G supports 4G LTE networks, and it has more storage and a larger battery. For now the […]

Dell Venue 10 Pro 2-in-1 Windows tablet on the way

dv10 pro

Dell has new 10 inch Windows tablet on the way. The Dell Venue 10 Pro 5055 Series tablet is a 2-in-1 device with a detachable keyboard, Windows software, and an Intel Atom Bay Trail processor. The new tablet hasn’t officially been announced yet, but documents found on the Dell website as well as the Bluetooth […]

OnePlus unveils OxygenOS and a post-Cyanogen future


OnePlus was one of the first companies to ship a smartphone running Cyanogen OS, the custom version of Android developed by Cyanogen Inc. But the two companies have had a bit of a contentious relationship lately, thanks to a contract dispute related to sales of devices in India. So OnePlus has been accelerating plans to […]

Acer wireless HDMI dongle hits the FCC

acer hdmi dongle

Acer appears to be preparing to launch a wireless display adapter which you could connect to a TV to beam content from a PC or mobile device… or something. An Acer device called the MWIR1 showed up at the FCC this week, and it’s described as a “Wireless for HDMI 60 GHz” device, but there […]

Lilbits (1-29-2015): Redefining broadband


Once upon a time “broadband” internet access was basically anything faster than a dialup modem. But these days it takes a bit more bandwidth than that to really take advantage of all that the internet has to offer. So the Federal Communications Commission has voted to change the definition of broadband. Up until recently an […]