Lilbits (5-26-2015): Asus ZenPad tablets coming soon


Asus has a few new tablets on the way, and at least some models are expected to bear the ZenPad name (which makes sense, since the company already offers Zenfone smartphones and Zenbook laptops). A few more details about the upcoming tablets have been uncovered in the past few days… which also makes sense, since […]

SanDisk introduces Z400s SSD, promises hard-drive like prices

sandisk z400s

Solid state drives have a lot of advantages over hard drives. They consume less power, generate less heat, and usually offer faster read and write speeds. Since an SSD has no moving parts, it’s also less likely to break than a HDD if you drop your laptop or other device. But there’s one area where […]

Deals of the Day (5-26-2015)

lenovo miix 2 11

Lenovo’s Miix 2 11 is a Windows tablet with an 11.6 inch full HD display and a detachable keyboard dock that lets you use the computer like a notebook (assuming you don’t need to adjust the angle of the display, because the Miix 2 11 dock doesn’t have an adjustable hinge). There’s no shortage of 2-in-1 […]

Fedora 22 released (GNU/Linux operating systems)

fedora 22_02

Fedora is a free and open source operating system developed by a community of coders, but backed by the folks who make the commercial Red Hat Linux project. Fedora 22 is now available for download. The operating system comes in three basic versions: workstation, server, and cloud. For most folks who want to run Fedora […]

Charter plans to merge with Time Warner Cable

charter logo

Time Warner and Comcast may not be merging anytime soon, but that doesn’t mean Time Warner isn’t looking for another way to grow: Charter Communications has just announced a plan to merge with Time Warner in a deal that would create a new company that would be the nation’s second-largest cable provider (behind Comcast).   While […]

Microsoft is bringing Cortana to Android and iOS, along with sync tools for Windows 10 PCs

cortana android_01

One of the most distinctive features of Microsoft’s Windows Phone software (and upcoming Windows 10 software) is the Cortana digital assistant. But Cortana won’t be a Windows exclusive much longer. Microsoft has announced it’s creating Cortana apps for iOS and Android. The move makes sense, because while Microsoft would clearly be happy if you bought […]

Replacing the battery for a Samsung Series 9 ultrabook

s9 upgrade_02

Ultrabooks are slim notebooks with Intel processors that, among other things, tend to measure less than eight tenths of an inch thick. While many ultrabooks are thin, light, and reasonably powerful laptops, there’s not a lot of room in such a svelte laptop case for things like user-upgradeable memory or storage or replaceable batteries. So […]

Deals of the Day (5-25-2015)

moto 360 grey

The Motorola Moto 360 was the first Android Wear smartwatch with a round display, and with a list price of $250 it’s still one of the cheapest. But you know what would make it even more affordable? A $100 price cut. Right now you can pick one up from Amazon or Best Buy for just […]

Intel NUC mini PCs with Braswell chips priced at $140 and up

nuc braswell_00

Intel is adding a few new low-power models to its NUC line of tiny desktop computers. The new models feature 6 watt processors based on Intel Braswell architecture and price tags starting at around $140 or less for a barebones model. The Intel NUC5CPYH features a 1.6 GHz Intel Celeron N3050 dual-core processor while the NUC5PPYH has […]

Another tablet gains (some) support for Remix OS

remix teclast_01

Remix OS is a custom version of Android aimed at making Google’s smartphone and tablet operating system feel more like a laptop or desktop OS designed for productivity. Jide, company behind the operating system, was formed by former Google employees and they unveiled the software earlier this year along with a tablet designed to run Remix […]

Running Windows on an Acer C720 Chromebook

acer c720 windows

Most Chromebooks are affordable portable laptops that sell for around $150 and up. They ship with Google’s Chrome operating system which is designed to boot quickly, let you get online in seconds, and run web apps from the Chrome Web Store. But a Chromebook is basically just a laptop that ships with Chrome OS. Most models […]