T-Mobile, Sprint unveil dueling free or cheap data deals

t-mobile friends

It wasn’t that long ago that US wireless carriers Sprint and T-Mobile were talking about merging. That didn’t happen… and now T-Mobile is running a new promotion that provides big incentives for customers that convince their friends to move from Sprint, Verizon, or AT&T to T-Mobile. When you refer a friend who switches to T-Mobile […]

Deals of the Day (8-21-2014)

acer w4

Toshiba’s new $199 Encore 2 WT8 tablet may be one of the first Windows tablets to launch with a list price under $200. But it’s hardly the only tablet in that price range. It usually doesn’t take long for retailers to start marking down prices on Windows notebooks and tablets… so a number of models […]

Shuttle launches its first Android, ARM-based computers


Small form-factor PC maker Shuttle is launching its first little PCs powered by ARM-based processors and Google Android software. The company unveiled the Shuttle DSA2LS earlier this year, but now Shuttle has announced that it’s available in Europe for a suggested retail price of 158 Euros (including VAT). That’s about $210 US, but it’ll likely be […]

Acer Chromebox CXI coming in September for $180 and up

acer cxi

Acer is launching its first desktop computer powered by Google’s Chrome OS. The Acer Chromebox CXI Series will be available in the US and Canada starting in late September, and Acer is targeting education and business customers, but the computers will be available for anyone interested in a cheap, small Chrome OS computer. An Acer Chromebox […]

Hands-On: Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Nook

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Nook shop screen

When Samsung and Nook finally unveiled the tablet they were launching together, the only real mystery about the $179 Galaxy Tab 4 Nook was to what extent the Nook software would run the show. I don’t think many people expected to see Samsung hardware and the same Nook version of Android used on older tablets like […]

Asus PadFone X mini smartphone/tablet hybrid on the way?

asus padfone x mini

Asus offers a line of smartphones that you can use as tablets by sliding them into a tablet docking station. Asus PadFone devices have been available in Taiwan for a few years and this year the Asus PadFone X became the first model to officially launch in the United States when AT&T began offering the 5 […]

Deals of the Day (8-20-2014)

acer aspire e11_01

The Ace rAspire E11 notebook features a an 11.6 inch display, an Intel Celeron Bay Trail processor, and a relatively low price. It normally sells for $250 and up. But you can pick one up for $70 less than that at Best Buy. While this isn’t exactly the fastest laptop around, it’s a reasonably thin […]

Future Google Glass devices might look more like… glasses

google glass patent

Google Glass is a wearable device that puts a small screen just above one eye and lets you search the web, snap photos, or perform other activities using voice commands. It’s also a pretty conspicuous device that has a tendency to make people think you’re constantly video recording them (whether you are or not). Now […]

B&N’s Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 NOOK now available for $179

tab 4 nook_03

Barnes & Noble is now selling the first Android tablet with NOOK software that the company didn’t design itself. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 NOOK is now available at B&N book stores and on the company’s website for $179 after a $20 rebate and it’s basically what it sounds like… a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 […]

Omate X is a $129 “companion smartwatch”

omate x_01

Omate‘s first smartwatch was an Android-powered device that you could use to run apps, make phone calls, or pair with your phone to display notifications. But what makes the Omate Truesmart different from most smartwatches was that it could be a truly stand-alone device. Priced at $299, it’s also more expensive than most smartwatches. Now Omate […]

ZTE launches Nubia 5S mini LTE smartphone for $280

zte nubia 5s mini lte_01

The ZTE Nubia 5S mini LTE is a smartphone with a 4.7 inch display, 4G LTE support, and a 13MP rear camera, a 5MP front-facing camera, and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor. But it’s not really the specs that make this phone stand out: it’s the price. It sells for just $280 without a contract, which makes […]