GameKid is a Game Boy clone made from a Raspberry Pi (crowdfunding)


Folks have been running classic game console emulators on Raspberry Pi hardware for ages… and every now and then we see projects that let you use the tiny computer as the brains of a handheld game console. Don’t want to go through the hassle of building your own game system? Robot Loves Kitty has you covered. The […]

BlackBerry Venice Android phone spotted in the wild


Tired of looking at rendered images of the upcoming BlackBerry smartphone with a slide-out keyboard and Android operating system. Well, now you can look at some actual photos of the phone that’s allegedly code-named “Venice,” thanks to Vietnamese site Tinhte. While it’s possible we’re looking at a clone rather than an actual product, Tinhte forum members […]

Kobo launches Kobo Touch 2.0 eReader

kobo touch 2.0

Kobo has launched an updated version of its Kobo Touch eBook reader. The Kobo Touch 2.0 is now available from Canadian booksellers Chapters and Indigo. The new model is priced at $80 in Canada, which about $61 US. Kobo hasn’t added the new model to its website yet, but the new entry-level eReader is expected to replace […]

Jide Remix Mini Android PC to ship in October

remix mini_03

Google Android is an operating system that was originally designed for smartphones, but these days it also supports tablets, TVs, smartwatches, and more. It’s not really designed to replace a desktop operating system like Windows or Ubuntu, but there have been a number of attempts to modify the open source Android operating system to make […]

Minix unveils a mini PC with Intel Braswell

minix braswell_05

Tiny PC maker Minix has been offering Android-powered TV boxes for a few years, and at the start of 2015 the company launched a model with an Intel Atom Bay Trail processor and support for Windows. Now Minix plans to launch a new model with a more powerful processor based on Intel’s Braswell architecture. The new Minix […]

The future has arrived: you can finally play a banana piano

Fruit Piano

A Raspberry Pi project has crossed over the line of innovative idea and into the forest of weird. Thanks to a recent addition to the accessory line for Raspberry Pi that Adafruit offers, one man has turned a bowl full of fruit into a MIDI keyboard, complete with multiple sound effects and adjustable tones. With […]

Orange Pi PC is a $15 single-board computer

orange pi pc

Sure, with a $35 price tag, the Raspberry Pi 2 is pretty cheap. Want something even cheaper? The makers of last year’s Orange Pi are back, and this time they’re offering a $15 single-board computer called the Orange Pi PC. It’s a tiny PC with an Alwinner H3 quad-core processor, 1GB of RAM, and support for Android or […]

Turing Phone shipments begin December 18th

turing wyvern

The makers of the Turing Phone say that they’re unusual smartphone will begin shipping to customers on December 18th. If you want to get your hands on the phone, you’ll need to actually pony up $610 or more in September. Turing opened a reservation list earlier this month for folks interested in pre-ordering the phone, […]

Now you can install MIUI 7 on dozens of non-Xiaomi phones


Xiaomi may be in the business of developing its own smartphones, but the company’s Android-based software can also be installed on other devices… and now it’s possible to install the recently unveiled MIUI 7 ROM on 69 different devices. The list of phones that you can install MIUI 7 on include the Samsung Galaxy S5, Google Nexus […]

Deals of the Day (8-28-2015)

double power tablet

Microsoft may be planning to phase out its free 1-year trial of Office 365 for new PCs that ship with Windows 10. But there are still plenty of Windows 8.1 computers shipping with the promotion… and some are priced so low that it’s kind of like paying for a 1-year Office 365 subscription and getting […]

Huawei Smartwatch coming soon for $350 and up? (Updated)

huawei watch

Huawei has been posting teasers on Twitter, suggesting that its first smartwatch will be officially launch at the IFA show in Berlin. Of course, the company actually told us all about the Huawei Watch in March. What we haven’t heard yet is when you’d be able to buy one or how much it will cost. But now it […]

Archos Diamond Tab coming in October

archos diamond tab

Archos is updating is smartphone and tablet lineup this fall. The company’s phones include low-cost Windows and Android models and a mid-range Diamond S smartphone with an octa-core MediaTek processor, 2GB of RAM, and a 720p display. But it’s the Archos Diamond Tab that interests me most. It’s a 7.9 inch tablet with a high-resolution display, […]

Intel Core M Skylake details start to emerge

zenbook ux305

Intel’s Skylake chips for mobile devices including notebooks and tablets will come in several different flavors. Skylake-H chips will offer the highest performance, but they’ll also use the most power. Skylake-U chips will be 15 watt processors aimed at ultrabooks and other devices that are designed to balance power consumption and performance. And then there’s the […]

B&N has two new NOOK devices on the way

nook new

It’s been a few years since Barnes & Noble launched a new eReader, but according to the Digital Reader, it looks like a new model is on the way. Nate Hoffelder found an FCC listing for an unannounced device that appears to be a 6 inch eReader with the model number BNRV510-A. He’s also found evidence […]