Debian 8 “Jessie” released (GNU/Linux-based operating system)

debian 8

After nearly two years of development, Debian 8 “Jessie” is ready for download. It’s an open source GNU/Linux operating system designed for use on a wide range of hardware and developed by thousands of volunteers. But Debian is also known for stability and performance: the popular Ubuntu operating system uses Debian as its foundation. The […]

Lenovo U31 notebook coming to America?

lenovo u31

Lenovo introduced a 13 inch laptop called the Lenovo U31 at the Consumer Electronics Show in January, but at the time the company said the notebook would not be available in North America. But guess what just showed up at the FCC website last week? It’s still not clear if Lenovo plans to sell this notebook in […]

Acer abTouchPhone prototype: Desk phone with a built-in tablet


At an event in New York City this week, Acer unveiled a series of new notebooks, tablets, and devices that straddle the line such as the Acer Switch 10 and 11 2-in-1 tablets and Acer Aspire R 11 convertible notebook. The company also took the opportunity to show off a prototype of something a little […]

Report: Next-gen Google Glass coming soon

Google Glass (1st gen)

Google pulled the plug on its Glass Explorer program earlier this year, prompting some folks to start writing obituaries for Google’s experimental face computer. But Google never claimed Glass was dead. The company is no longer selling first-generation hardware and the project is now under management of Tony Fadell, the creator of the Nest learning […]

Lenovo K80 smartphone sports 4GB of RAM, 4000 mAh battery

lenovo k80

Pretty soon it’s not going to be newsworthy when smartphone makers cram 4GB of RAM into their handsets. But right now it’s enough of a novelty to note that Lenovo’s getting in on the action. The Lenovo K80 smartphone has a 5.5 inch display, a 4,000 mAh battery, and 4GB of memory. It’s powered by […]

Deals of the Day (4-24-2015)

dell 13

Can’t decide whether you want a notebook or a tablet? The Dell Inspiron 13 i7347 is both. It looks like a 13 inch notebook until you push the screen back 360 degrees until it’s back-to-back with the keyboard. The Microsoft Store normally sells a model with a full HD display, an Intel Core i5 Haswell processor, […]

Apple Watch teardown: Battery is replaceable, other upgrades unlikely

iFixit Apple Watch Teardown

As with practically every high-profile gadget to hit the market, the folks at iFixit took apart Apple Watch Sport to reveal what is inside. There were no new revelations on the hardware. But it looks like the Apple Watch is nearly impossible to repair. The DIY gadget repair website meticulously took apart every possible aspect of Apple […]

Tronsmart Draco H3 is a $40 Android stick with Allwinner H3

tronsmart h3_04

The Allwinner H3 is a processor designed to bring 4K video playback to low-cost TV boxes. Allwinner unveiled the chip a few months ago, and now one of the first devices featuring an H3 processor is set to launch soon. The Tronsmart Draco H3 is a TV stick which is expected to sell for between […]

Comcast/Time Warner merger is dead

comcast logo

Comcast has announced that it won’t be merging with Time Warner after all. A little over a year ago the two companies announced plans to combine in a $45 billion merger that would have created the largest cable provider in the US. The move faced plenty of scrutiny from regulators and the public, and now Comcast […]

Acer’s latest 15 inch Chromebook costs just $200


Acer was the first company to introduce a Chromebook with a 15.6 inch display when it introduced the $250 Chromebook 15 in January. A few months later the company added a more powerful model with a Core i5 processor for $500. Now Acer is going the other way, introducing a cheaper model with a starting price […]

Google Nexus sales are down (which isn’t that surprising)

nexus 5 and 6

Google makes most of its money through advertising and web services, but the company also brings in money through “other revenues” and sales of devices such as Nexus phones and tablets. So when Google reported its earnings for the latest quarter, the company noted that revenue is up year-over-year in just about every area. But […]